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hi I’m Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils and I want to talk to you about allergies know I really love the
springtime I love sunshine the one weather the wildflowers but I don’t
necessarily love the cold like seasonal allergy symptoms the watery eyes they’re
runny nose the sneezing the difficulty breathing if she’s skin or just general
discomfort that the change in the seasons and the increase in the pollen
count can trigger but luckily natural remedies like my three favorite
essential oils for allergies can help calm the allergic reactions by calming
the histamine and the inflammatory responses at the root of most of these
allergic responses so you might be asking what really are allergies
allergies are our immune systems reaction to a foreign substance and it
could be food it could be pollen or dust anything that’s kind of known as
allergens and our immune system can become super sensitive to certain
allergens where we mistakenly see them as a threat so in response to threats
our immune system releases histamine which then triggers swelling
inflammation and leakage of fluid to protect the body from any further
invasion and we experience this histamine reaction as symptoms like skin
inflammation sinus inflammation nasal passageway inflammation inflammation of
the Airways or the digestive system and it can be sneezing itchy nose or roof of
the mouth runny nose or stuffy nose watery red or swollen eyes or any kind
of difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat any sinus pressure or
headache but luckily essential oils are great for relieving allergies they help
calm allergic reactions by calming the histamine and inflammatory responses
oils can also help modulate the immune system and make your body less
vulnerable to allergic triggers for example histamines released in
response to allergic reactions and it’s a normal defense mechanism you know it’s
this exaggerated histamine response this overactive histamine response that
triggers a lot of the immune system reactions and can contribute to chronic
inflammatory reactions of the nasal passages the sinuses the lungs the eyes
and cause many of the symptoms we experience with seasonal allergies like
sneezing runny nose watery red itchy eyes rashes wheezing cough asthma or
even hiccups so history levels are kind of designed to be kept in balance by
these two enzymes that break down excess histamine and prevent allergic reactions
one of these enzymes lives in the lining of our intestines and it has to be
present to maintain balance histamine levels in the gut so a damaged gut
lining can compromise the production and secretion of this enzyme and allow
histamine levels to build up and wreak havoc throughout the body
so the goal is to really balance not block histamine response you don’t
necessarily want an antihistamine you want a histamine balancer because
histamine performs critical functions in the body like helping us digest our food
and signal neurotransmitters luckily essential oils that their natural
anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties can help balance histamine
levels naturally so this offers kind of immediate and long-lasting allergy
relief so I want to share my favorite three blends for balancing allergies the
first can you guess is Histamine Balance that’s right so we talked about how
histamine is a chemical substance that contributes to allergy symptoms and it’s
a normal defense mechanism but when it gets exaggerated it can contribute to
these chronic allergy symptoms like inflammation of the sinuses
the lungs so in order to balance histamine and not block it what you can
do is apply the histamine balance blend which has blue tansy which is fabulous
for kind of modulating the histamine response and you can apply it behind the
ears at the very back of the neck and on the bottom of the feet and it helps to
balance histamine levels and reset the immune response blue tansy is this
amazing oil that you have to get from Morocco and it’s known for neutralizing
histamine and helping to control allergic reactions the blend also
contains Ravens ara which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it’s really high
in chemicals that have been proven to reduce hay fever symptoms like sneezing
runny nose itchiness so again if you want to kind of modulate the histamine
response and allow healthy breathing patterns you can use just one or two
drops I’ve actually seen it I’ve been with friends who’ve had an allergic
reaction only put it on the bottom of the feet and the child’s face went from
red to fine within a matter of minutes the other great blend for allergies is
our Sinus Support blend the sinuses make up the upper part of your
respiratory tract from your nose to your throat so any sinus related issues that
lead to restricted congestion or inflamed nasal passages can contribute
to breathing difficulty sinus supports helps to clear and open the nasal
passage as in supports the relief of sinus pressure and you can use it to
open the sinuses and improve breathing you would just take a little bit and
apply it on a q-tip and then swab it around the inside of the nose and you
could also leave it inside the nose for 20 minutes which often helps clear
everything up if you have chronic allergy issues you might want to do that
more than once a week the final third blend for allergies is Breathe and it
helps to open our nasal passages or respiratory channels so if you have any
respiratory problems like difficulty breathing
putting the Breathe blend just kind of rights over your lungs
I always dilute it a little bit with oil because it’s hot and this oil has a lot
of anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties which allow you to breathe
more easily so again you would just apply a drop or two with some kind of
carrier oil it contains eucalyptus which is a
natural antiseptic anti-inflammatory expectorant and decongestant and that
helps clear the sore throat and improve breathing it also contains peppermint
oil which has expectorant and antispasmodic properties that can help
relieve any pain of like a sore throat or reduced coughing I hope that this
helps you to manage your allergies so that you can go outside and enjoy the
beautiful spring weather and all hi I’m Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils thank you so much for watching this YouTube video please don’t forget
to subscribe by clicking the circle at the bottom of this screen and if you
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