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of stuff today we’re going to be reviewing the every well food allergy
test it is an at-home blood test that you take and I’m going to see at the
core of it so if you’re interested max stay tuned and lift okay so I saw this on Facebook I think
or Instagram and it said that you could take this blood test at home ship it
back to them and get your results within about five days of them receiving it and
so I went ahead and ordered it it was about 150 bucks
so not cheap but being able to do it from home and getting results I thought
was potentially worth it so thick it comes like this in a box and you get all
of the stuff inside that you need to actually perform this test I did film
myself doing the blood test you’ve got five circles that you need to
fill up by pricking your finger and dropping the sample on to the circle
then you put it in a baggie that they give you and in an envelope that they
give you that’s already prepaid for postage and the first time that I did
this I saw the instructions in the box and did what I thought I was supposed to
do which was dabbing but my finger down on to the paper and sent it in and after
I sent it in I went to register my kit which you have to do online and on that
part of it they actually have a video showing you how you’re supposed to
collect your sample in the written instruction it is not clear what they
actually want you to do so if you are considering doing this register your kit
and watch the video before you will open this up and actually collect your blood
sample because they contacted me and said that I have not given enough blood
and that they needed need to do it again which they sent me a whole other kit for
free to do again so that was very nice but you have to do it a certain way and
you’ve got a prick your finger and then you know keep pushing your finger down
pulling it down basically to get this full drop of blood that comes out and I
show you a little playing what happened to me after I did that the
second time the company contacted me and said that they didn’t get enough of a
blood sample and that they needed a second one so they sent that to me for
free which was nice but showed me how to do it to get enough blood and can I just
show you my finger oh this is from needing to pump it down my finger enough
to get enough but I will pull on bruised from blood pooling at the bottom of my
finger pouch this better be worth it I had a full-on bruise for a week blood
pooling in the bottom of my finger yeah did not want to do that twice but really
I mean it’s not that painful the tiny little prick I mean it hurts more to
pull an eyebrow here out so but then I got my results and here’s the thing it
was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting I have a known banana
allergy where when I eat bananas my throat swells up and gets really itchy
and I’m also allergic to latex which is made from banana leaves now I don’t
react to bananas if they are cooked like in banana nut bread not a problem
but raw bananas every time inchi kind of swelling of the throat and I reacted
nothing on this test nothing at all to bananas and what I didn’t react high on
anything they have high medium low and nothing basically I didn’t react high on
anything and you know I didn’t really think I would except for the bananas
which was the lowest I erected as a number one and the thing that I did
react to four different things in the moderate category and the highest of
those four was egg whites which I thought was ridiculous because I eat
eggs almost every day like every other day I mean
and I put eggs and everything and I never have a problem with that I did
have a mild allergy to almonds and black pepper and garlic and oregano which I
put in everything but the egg white and kelp which I don’t think I need help
ever so I don’t know anything about that but I just thought it was really odd
that it was asked it was saying that I was reacting to things that I eat all
the time it’s no problem and not reacting to things that I can’t
eat because I have a problem so I contacted them and asked if potentially
they got my results mixed up and they gave me a really thorough response and
basically the bottom line is that they said that they test for IgG immune
responses which is not being IgE and I had to educate myself on what this all
was because I didn’t know but the IgE is something that reacts instantly so you
eat something and you almost immediately feel whatever if you’re gonna get hives
or if you’re gonna get best you know scratchy throat or itchy enough stuff
from the bananas like I get it reacts almost instantly where is the IgG which
is the immune part can react hours or even days later so if I had known that
prior to purchasing this I might not have purchased it because I don’t seem
to have me personally a reaction to things days later I don’t have a huge
problem with with most foods and so it really didn’t do much as far as telling
me anything I didn’t already know and they basically said this is if you want
to do an elimination diet so my overall opinion on this is that if you are
really struggling with stomach issues or headaches or inflammation or you know
just you know even skin reactions and all that kind of stuff where you feel
like it could be food related then this might be something that you might want
to do now again it’s hundred fifty bucks I don’t know if you can get this cheaper
through your doctor depending what kind of insurance you have it may
not be cost-effective to do this at home but for me it was cheaper to do at home
than it was to go into a doctor and pay what I would have to pay to get this
done but it didn’t really do anything for me
the things that they were suggesting that I eliminate I eat all the time with
no problems so it really just wasn’t something that I would ever do again or
really recommend if you really don’t have a huge problem like I didn’t react
to gluten I reacted slightly to wait I need a low carb diet so I really don’t
eat that much wheat but I’ve had vital wheat gluten in breads that I make that
are low carb and they’re not a problem at all they also have eggs in them and
you know I eat pepper and garlic all the time so it really didn’t tell me very
much but again if you’re having a huge problem with stomach issues and headache
and some inflammation and all that stuff and you kind of want to see what should
you start eliminating it does give you levels of your immune response to
certain foods and so you could take those out and put in something else and
and then you know kind of one by one once a week add one thing back in and
see if you react to that the moderate thing for me help egg whites cow’s milk
and yogurt other than everything else I don’t need cows muffin a heavy cream
and yogurt no problem so it was sort of anticlimactic for me but I wish they
would test for both things actually I don’t know if that’s possible as they
could do the IgE and the IgG that would be a little bit more helpful I think for
one of us but again it was informative shocking to me but for me not worth it
for other people might be totally worth it all right so that’s it for today’s
video I hope you found this helpful I mean I don’t feel like it was really all
that helpful because I’m like it doesn’t really do anything for me but
again if you’re really having some issues you want to find some stuff out
and you want to do it at home it is really easy and you get results you know
within a couple of weeks of actually purchasing it to giving your samples
getting it back to them so it’s really quick and fine and then you can even
take that to your doctor and have a discussion and see how they feel about
it so I hope you found this informative if you did give it a thumbs up and also
consider subscribing and Canadian backbone otherwise I hope you’re having
a great day inspired and I will see you in the next video you


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