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Ball. Ball. Ball. Pass it. Coby Alright! What the effing heck kiddos!? I asked you to hustle out there and you barely move around! What’s the deal? It’s first period Mr.Ratbush, we don’t want to be sweaty all day. Just shower in the locker rooms you dumb nuts NOOOO! That’s a no? Does a 3-pointer have to be behind the line? Uh, did my wife leave me? Yeah, yeah. She did. We all saw that happen. Every P.E. Class Ever I, Jesse, of sound mind and free will leave this as my last will and testament. To my brother, I leave my room. To my mother, i leave my estate. Which is mostly dirty laundry. If I die while on life support. Do not resuscitate What are they doing? They gotta run a mile that’s so sad. 🙁 Dweebs realize you can just walk the mile? Walk?! A whole mile?! Are you crazy?! Every PEh Class Ever Alright kids. Today is dodgeball day which means I’ve separated the groups into two equal teams of nerds, versus jocks. You die in the game, you die in real life! Coach Ratbush, this doesn’t seem fair. I know. I just want to relive the glory days of nerds gettin’ pummeled. We- well… We’re not going to stand for it anymore! Cause I refuse to play coach Ratbush Let’s go captain man. Hahaha! Get him boys Your out! Ewww Clark’s wearing tighty-whities! And he got dookie stains! Hey. I really need to skip P.E. class today. You got the money, I got the honey. What? Nothing just give me five dollars All right. Here you go. You have asthma now no more running for you. Hey. I really need to get out of P.E. this week man. It’s square-dancing week. I got you Take these ketchup packets. What are these for? You’re on your period. Worked great for Jenny last week trust me. Okay. (He’s blind! Plot twist!) Really? Yeah! I was confused at first too! All right. Well, you’re lucky I’ve never taken a science class and i don’t know how to goggle things on my phone. Yeah. I guess just sit over there with the other menstruaters. *grunting* Smells like ketchup makes me hungry for a hot dog. Whoa! Brent has armpit hair! Cooooooool!! Lets go, lets go, lets go.. Come on! Oh, I’m sorry coach Ratbush! I just I don’t think i know the proper technique for rope climbing. Maybe you could demonstrate…? Okay. Back up dweeb Goes a little something like this. oh, Jesus! *grunting* Okay you know what! We don’t we don’t need to climb ropes nobody actually needs this. Plus, it’s a total safety hazard. Alright, everybody take a break. How does one fail P.E.? Sasha Yes! 😀 Picked last again… 🙁 Deflated ball! What? Yeah. I choose to deflated ball to be on my team. Good. Captain Man comic! Goodbye captain man… T-T Mr. Ratbush! YES!!! HAHAHA EAT IT BITCH! HAHAHA NOT LAST! FINALLY! Alright let’s play some game. Every P.E. class ever. Wow thank you so much for watching this video. Hey, it’s me Mr. Ratbush. You know, the guy that didn’t get picked last in dodgeball. Go me. If you want to see every puberty ever, click the box on the left and if you want to see people who actually know how to work out unlike these pansies, click the box on the right to check out every gym ever. And if there are any single ladies out there, hit me up.

100 thoughts on “EVERY P.E. CLASS EVER

  1. Why are they moaning that they have to run a mile inside I had to run 1.525 more than them outside
    while in elementary

  2. The P.E in my class is so sad because lunch period is right after P.E and P.E is 1 hour and a half long MIDDLE SCHOOL TINGS

  3. I remember the days when we played football i was always last but i was 6'3 295lbs and my team always had me at running back😂😂

  4. I have no Friends in Gym class also I'm nervous when we play a game like football when I've never played it And I know I'm Gonna ScRrEw Up FoR tHE Team

  5. Wen I first did pe I thought it was peh and I was like miss wats peh he proceeded to tell me and yes the teacher was male I didn’t know wat to call male teachers I was a stupid kid

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