Everything went terribly wrong in Mexico w/ Stephi Lee

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Everything went terribly wrong… || Mexico w/ Stephi Lee by Victoria X Rave and Stephi Lee this is yeah it’s like to Jason the
fucking frustrating good morning good morning good morning so update we’re
switching locations now I went to the Airbnb stuff even nebuliser broke
yesterday it’s concerning to me I don’t know what today’s vlog is gonna entail
it could be Adventures could be boring who knows and I didn’t play makeup on
yet I didn’t shower either so this is her nebulizer that broke
and she’s freaking me out adventures in Mexico is stuff you’re gonna look
vicious triple triple og stressing me out process it’s kind of cold okay so we made it to our second
location which is much different than the hotel where air being being for like
a more authentic feel but it has some cool huge okay so I want to go look for a gym I
haven’t worked out at an actual gym which I’m really scared about they don’t
speak English here and I’ll speak Spanish and don’t know how to ask for a
day pass I’m gonna go with uber to a gym but that’s the plans it’s super rainy
outside yeah I feel so gross like I heart like I just go to the gym now okay
so I’m using instant coffee as my pre-workout like 1/3 today is kind of a
frustrating day so we haven’t really gotten much done today first part
just scariest part so I tried to go to the gym
smart fit and they don’t do day passes they would not let me go to the gym
there I’m like I’ll give you money like whatever it takes like let me work out
please I’m serious okay I think no I’m like five timers and
other jamming too fucking frustrating people like driving by sports world which they actually get a
date pass this was really nice Matt straining and now I’m going home oh my god she’s so wet out there this is
um so how did the vlog Jason Jason dirtbeard
I’m gonna start making food for a second because she’s hungry it’s you hi oh yeah
there’s like – Jason FaceTime for the first time I’m a really long time it was
really weird was your question she’s like she’s like can I borrow your
translator I’d like to read about this falafel even if I don’t buy it I would
just like to read about it we just figure out a location for our meetup
which it has already happened by now who even know somebody Mexican followers we
even have I don’t know Stephie never got her nebulizer so we’re gonna do as much
as we can tonight to make sure that she stays healthy I’m gonna actually do and
teach me how to like chest physical therapy I would do that and that’s the
plans for tonight I know today was like a huge failed day I already spent my
money today on goobers in gym fair so I can’t be spending any extra
unfortunately Oh make sure you guys get this video like I’ll just forget to say
that but like it really helps me out if you guys give us a like and subscribe I
would make some food now all right so I made my egg whites and
rice and then I put on some ketchup that’s my meal I know it’s pretty boring
those two it’s tough you got she got falafel falafel falafel falafel waffle
juice I wouldn’t eat my beastly meal over there are you sir willing some
saline water this is the compressor she has it trust me like I think since she’s
been here she’s been coughing a lot more because she has like a she’s an
infection she don’t take antibiotics but she’s been coughing every night and I
test it and it doesn’t bother me or anything it just makes me feel asleep
it’s like I know you guys alright we’re gonna do the chest thing is now it’s
gonna loosen up for once I saw this done on Bates Motel now if you guys watch the
Bates Motel leave you need cup your hands like this or you can only hit my
back and like you can kind of that’s I can no I can’t help it I just I
actually like to take a lot of joy taking care of people that’s all we can
do right now I think see it I’m gonna try to convince you’re gettin up you
lazy – okay so just wash my face getting ready for bed and go to bed tomorrow
we’re gonna do a meet-up and yeah that’s that’s been today’s vlog it was kind of
a field day but you know it sometimes you have those types of days and that’s
okay I don’t beat yourself up would make it worse not nice be other guys very
much Tayyaba muy bien but it’s true yeah stay
healthy stay healthy I’ll see in the next block

100 thoughts on “Everything went terribly wrong in Mexico w/ Stephi Lee

  1. I love how u guys managed to eat the most bland foods in one of the most flavorful countries in the world xD

  2. Big shout-out to mama Victoria for being understanding and helping out with some treatments. Chest PT is a lot of work, but it definitely seems like you did a good job (stephi started coughing pretty much instantly and seemingly consistently). Hoping you two have a good adventure ✌️💕

  3. I think it was awesome of you to help stephi like that! Being a cfer myself its hard to get help sometimes and you showing how much you care and helping like that is so great! I found your pages through her too btw and your ig and Youtube are great 😀

  4. The love in this video made my day. It’s wonderful that you both take care of each other. Sending love and hugs from dallas.

  5. You’re such a good friend 😭 I love you and Stephi so much!!! I hope she gets a new nebulizer and starts feeling better ❤️❤️❤️

  6. 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 👽🛸V this is beautiful, I love seeing this motherly side of you 🧖‍♀️. I love you so much! With every video I grow to love ya'll both even more! You're the best friend anyone could ask for and you deserve all the love in the world ! Stay EXTRA-extraterrestrial👽🛸 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚

  7. why dont you eat egg yolks.. they are the most nutritious part. i eat vegan mainly because i prefer the food, but if you eat eggs the yolks are very healthy. thanks for the video you have a good personality xx

  8. Victoria youre so kind and caring! Youre a good friend. I love seeing all the different sides of your personality. The fact that you help steph and you help her manage etc is so kind of you. a mother hen looking after the needy i admire you dude 💖 xx

  9. Can't you just go to a pharmacy and get another nebulizer? I know they are back by now but it seems like the pharmacies in Mexico are easier to get stuff at.

  10. Hey loved the vlog. I hope your having a lovely day. Sending good vibes to ya. 🍉🍍🌴🌈🌞 your such good friends with Stephi awww. How long have you been working out for?

  11. I absolutely love both of your vlogs!!! I saw she was home and I’m super sad about it, but she needs to get feeling better so you guys can go again 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  12. You are such a good friend to Stephi, I have Cystic Fibrosis too and watching you clap on her back was so cute, friend goals right there! I should make my friends do this ! 😁

  13. I heard copious amount of THC smoke works better then a nebulizer…… something tells me you already know that…..

  14. As a Respiratory Therapist I can can appreciate your chest percussion and postural drainage skills. You're a good friend!

  15. You two could have found each other at a better time. You can see what care you guys share for each other. I'm glad she has you Victoria.

    You balance each other.

  16. Stephi and Victoria…..your friendship is special to watch. That Stephi is comfortable in teaching you how to help her, and you are willing to learn! Here's to friendship and helping one another ❤❤❤

  17. I found Stephi's channel first and that's how I discovered you guys! I never really was into vloggers before I found y'all and I just love how genuine you both are. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your daily lives. Much love to you both 🖤🖤

  18. Everything Victoria wears shows off her stomach or her body. It's very sexual. Sometimes i feel like i'm watching the BTS of a hippie porno. I like it.

  19. aqueez those cheeks when you come up from a dead lift, (or any workout tbh) it really makes a difference lol

  20. You guys honestly have the coolest friendship ! It's one of my dreams to go on a trip like that with a friends even if things do go wrong, the overall feeling of exploring a new place is always worth the hassle…

  21. Honestly Stephee I love you.
    But I really thought you and Jason we're married.
    And it sucks because your a genuine person.
    That it's off putting.
    People like me inspired by you .
    Hope your being genuine over YouTube titled entitlement for likes

    I thought you found someone that was sincerely for you. Then weeks later you say it's a fraud.
    So I must say,
    Stop mis catpurting your titles to your videos.
    Stop trying lie for veiws.
    Your a amazing person you can just be honest.
    Your fans love you.
    Including me.
    Just don't be another click bate. That's what makes people unfollow…

  22. Vicky force this herbal concoction on your daughter
    the actual herbal ingredient list is incorrect on amazon and they have been deleting reviews which tells you it works. it healed my cancer and it works for most disease. i graduate up 5mls/day to around 45mls/day once a day but diff strokes for diff ppl

  23. Whats the music you started usin at 3:15
    Also you're a really good friend to stephi I need someone like you in my life

  24. You guys need a reality tv show. I hate those and therefore never watch 'em but I'd make an exception here. I like watching your video's and Stephi's. There's so much boring stuff on tv nowadays and you could totally improve that. Just a thought. Much love from Holland!

  25. Hi Victoria recently found both your channel and Stephi's love you guys can tell you are good friends love it just be careful in your travels

  26. I am new to your videos. The first video I saw was of you and Stephi talking about sex questions and I fell in love with you both. I quickly learned about your and Stephi's story and soon after I learned of her illness. I immediately googled, "CF life expectancy." 37 years. 37 years young. My mouth dropped and I immediately began crying.
    I am 28 and all I could think about was how I would live knowing I had 9 years left.
    Even through your hurt, you are the friend she needs and it is so beautiful

  27. It's insane how pretty you are with no make-up. I actually think you look better without the make-up bc it matches your hair better. I feel like most women use make-up to try to achieve what you look like naturally. You should feel blessed.

  28. I gotcha next time I speak Spanish and I can workout with you be your workout partner and show you where the most delicious places to eat.:)🇲🇽🙌

  29. i was a respiratory therapist and stephi is really doing all the right things to help with her brochopulmonary hygiene . nice work .

  30. Good looking out dollface youre a wonderful friend anyone who knows you is lucky to have someone so incredible in their life thank you for being so cool!

  31. You are such an amazing person Victoria. You look after yourself and Stephi as well. You are such a great friend for her. Your love for people is so genuine Victoria. I wish I knew you personally. I love all your vlogs and you.

  32. Dang, I feel for her. I have two chronic diseases as well… This makes me wanna try to vlog again… Seems like you guys really bond over vlogging

  33. Hmmm clearly you work hard to maintain that figure… Mexico City would be so cool to visit! I've heard it's the most European city in the Americas with a huge castle overseeing the whole place. Any insight into that?
    Anywho, thanks for sharing!

  34. Adorable… The two of you seem to have great chemistry.. I hope you keep doing videos together… It's to hard to find true and caring friends in this world… And it's a big world,, share it, cause even when you stop exploring it you'll have some one to reminisce about it with… Love you guys.

  35. Good morning beautiful I really like watching your video,🌺since I start watching it, I've been trying to take good care of my self. Because of you I feel a live again., Thank you Victoria I appreciate you alot,🌷

  36. When I was a little kid, my father always used this technique if I had bronchitis. Not many people know about it. It's good to see you both taking good care for eachother. Stephi seemed happy with her falafel 😂

  37. I enjoy your energies together ladies!! Perfect opposite personalities makes for a good show! Love ya both!!!

  38. There are little mobile nebulizers also, mine is a Omron Micro A-i-r, it's old so they'll have newer ones on the website. I can really recommend it.

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