Expert tips to manage your child’s asthma during the school holidays

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As a GP it’s very predictable that when children go back to school they start spreading their germs around, and then we see a
spike in children suffering with asthma attacks; some of them ending up on
steroids and some of them ending up as emergencies in hospital. And that’s so
easy to prevent with simple, easy care over the summer holidays. It just needs a
little bit of adjustment to your changing routine at that time. So during the summer holidays our
routines change but we still need to find the time to take our preventer inhalers regularly. So whatever your routine is; find a way of remembering to prompt your child to take their inhaler. Keep it somewhere where you’ll remember; set an alarm on your phone if that’s the easiest thing. And that way, if you or
your child doesn’t remember, then maybe you can to prompt them. So it’s always important, whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going for your summer
holidays, to make sure that your child is carrying their reliever inhaler with them. Make sure they know where it is and how to use it. They should be using a spacer really, so make sure that that’s with it as well. So apart from carrying around the reliever
inhaler so your child’s got that medication to take if they are getting
symptoms or struggling, it’s really important that your child has an asthma
action plan. What this does it really tells you and your child about the medications they take, when to take it, and what to do if you their asthma gets worse.

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