Explaining Inhalers

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PHARMACIST: Your prescriptions are all set.
I would like to just go through this quickly.

First of all, explain the importance of
using your controller, the Advair.

It helps prevent your asthma, the symptoms from occurring,
so that you’ll be using less of the Albuterol inhaler.

It’s healthier for your lungs to
control the asthma.

You need to use this everyday. One puff in the morning and one
puff in the evening. Okay?

Then just, if you forget a dose, it’s not a big deal. But
try and remember. It will just help keep your asthma under control. So…

You don’t need
to carry this one.

You can take a dose in the morning before you go to school or work.

Uh, and you can take a dose in the evening before you go to bed.

This one you should
have with you at all times.

Sure, sure. You open it up. There’s a little trigger here.
There’s powder in here.

When you pull this trigger, it breaks open the capsule of powder.

And then, you inhale the powder very strongly.

Hold your breath for a few seconds, and
then slowly exhale.


Make sure you hold your breath for a few seconds if
you can, and then slowly exhale.

Then it is important that you rinse your mouth out,
uh, just swish it with some water and then spit that out after you’ve used your inhaler,
this one.

How are you with this one? Is your technique okay?

Okay. Well, maybe
we’ll just go over this quickly as long as you’re here just to make sure you’re getting
the full use out of this.

Do you always shake it before you use it?

Okay. Give it
a good shake.

Um, I’m going to give you this extender to put on the end of it because
it helps get the mist in the lungs as opposed to just hitting the back of your throat.

Or sometimes people miss all together. So, a little bit easier if you use this.

it a shake before you use it. (breath) Exhale.

Put your mouth there. Give it a squirt.

And then immediately (breath) inhale. Hold it a few seconds and then slowly exhale. Shake it. Yes,


Yes, yes. And if you’re using
two puffs at a time, usually people use two puffs.

If you can wait a minute between
puffs, the first one starts to work, and then the second one gets in a bit deeper.

it works a little bit better.

Okay. It will work better if you wait.

I think you’ll
find if you’re using this, you’ll have less need to use that. Okay. You’re welcome. We’ll just put this in a bag
for you and we’ll be all set to go.

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