Extra szivbeütés kezelése – stressz,idegesség,pánikbetegség esetén!

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Hi, today i want to talk to you about the ectopic heartbeats that happens when a person’s heart beats extra , because of what they call an ectopic beats but it’s more like missing a beat Since I was 14 years old I went to cardiologyst,doctors they didnt find anything except that I was always anxious I was always terribly afraid of ectopics and I can tell you that from the age of 14 until i was 45 many times I didnt dare to fly because I was afraid getting heart attack on the plane… Well today Im 57 years old Im still sitting here and Im alive:) I will ask you please dont do a same misstake that I did DON`T BE AFRAID ABOUT YOUR ECTOPICS !!!! If your cardiologyst told you you have nothing to worry about because your ectopics is benign Please believe that its true!! As soon we feel that something going on with our heart directly we became anxious and afraid Our nervous system playing with us as soon the adrenalin going out to our veins I have realized in recent years wish I known that earlier that we can do something! There is a help for us! COCONUT WATER!!! helping a lot with ectopic beats! COCONUT WATER by VITA COCO This little Solevita Coconut water is from LIDL both of them are very good to prevent the ectopics !! I started with 2-3 glass a day nowadays I drinking only 1 glass a day The problem starting for us when our blod is missing potassium which is an electrolyte When we have little potassium in our blodvessels our heart starting with ectopics so that explain for me well why I had so much ectopics my blood test always showed that I had toooo little potassium in my veins So in my case I guess that was why I got my ectopics:( What I can tell you is since I started with coconut water my ectopics has almost dissappeared Sometimes if Im very anxious maybe I can get 1-2 ectopics a day but its definitely not as it was before when I got 4 – 10 ectopics in a minute all day !!! And it was really terrible for me:( For me the most horrible symptom was the ectopic beats when I feelt that my heart was skipping a beat So my advise is if a cardiologist has examined you – if not you should definitely see a cardiologyst if you have any such feelings in your heart But if your doctor told you that your ectopics is completely harmless than please believe it 🙂 I was so nervous so I chewed my nails for decades not anymore they are long now:) I was so nervous and afraid I didn’t dare to go out into the street I was scared to crash on the street and die thank god its never happened and neither will happen you So try coconut water because it’s really worth it From beginning I started with 2-3 glasses a day Now I only drink 1 glass a day when I get up in the morning Try it , and please write for me a comment here below I would love to hear your opinion Check out my other videos
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