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[Music] oh my sweet hey [Music] [Applause] hey everyone welcome back to my channel today we are gonna be tackling this honest-to-goodness complete disaster my allergies have been going crazy so I am going to deep clean the kitchen and my bedroom and some other super dusty places in the house and we are gonna get some motivation I’m gonna start cleaning in the kitchen tonight it is later on in the day so I’m going to take care of this cleaning up my dinner dishes tonight we actually had a green chef delivered which was such a lifesaver because honestly you guys I have been so overwhelmed by all of the busyness of the season I have put too much on my plate I am definitely a yes person I just want to help and I just want to be there for people and it has overwhelmed me because I’ve got so much going on and I know you guys completely relate so when green chef came to the door I was like oh my gosh yes because my daughter actually said you really need to find a new recipes mom and I always fall into the comfort zone of the normal things that I make we have really picky eaters in the house so I get really discouraged but I love when I have a meal delivery because it kind of is a no-brainer on what I’m gonna cook I don’t have to think about it it comes with everything in the bag and awesome easy to read recipes I get to keep the recipe for a later day if I choose to and it makes life so much easier especially with the busyness of the season or just life in general just having it come to the door it’s like yes so on this particular night I actually had maple glazed chicken with pear walnut and blue cheese cabbage salad so so good and mashed potatoes I mean YUM it was a winner indeed and I love feeling like a little chef honestly because I don’t come up with really fancy recipes it’s got to come from green chef I’m telling you I love it it’s perfect for any day of the week even like you want to do a date night it’s so much fun so if that’s something you guys are looking for or want to give it a shot highly highly recommended it has always been a home run every single time and you can get $80 off plus free shipping and you’ll be able to also click the link in my description box if you want more information I’m telling you guys take the guesswork out of dinner and have dinner delivered to you it is amazing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] gave you too much now swallow so I had all this footage where I went and got a sweet puppy and it was so sweet and I was gonna make a whole blog about it and I accidentally erased every bit of it and honestly I’m so heartbroken because I wanted you guys to see the expression of the kids face when we got the puppy brought at home it was a huge surprise nobody knew and then the day before I told his Abella so she could help the kids get on the bus and everything Chris didn’t even know but everything fell into place you guys know that my heart has been longing for something so long and the baby topic is still in the air Never Say Never but I figured I had always seen myself with two dogs so I’m gonna introduce you guys to my sweet baby real quick I’m so sad that footage was gone you guys it was the sweetest thing ever and that’s what happens when you delete a whole bunch of footage off your camera and don’t pay attention so so I want to welcome my sweet hazel sweet hazel to our family she is a perfect addition she is absolutely my love she has filled my heart in so many ways you guys I cannot even tell you she is about two pounds right now I’ve never had a small dog I’ve only ever had Labradors and then I’ve had some like retriever mixes but labs have always been my dog of choice and then with my allergies and the shedding we got ruby which was such a blessing to my life but I just felt like Ruby needed a friend and Mama’s heart needed something so this is my baby I have been wanting a King Charles Cavalier for about seven years since Josiah was born and I knew that it wouldn’t be something I could have because of the shedding so I got a cabochon she is a mixed breed she was the puppy nobody wanted and I don’t know how I think honestly she’s too beautiful for nobody to want but I really feel like God just kept her for me I really did so this is my baby hey soul I was really stuck on the names Georgia and Hazel and it was Georgia for a minute but then there was just nothing about and I’m like look at our face that’s a hazel I am so obsessed with her I’m so in love the kids are absolutely in love with her they have been so sweet and so amazing and I am just smitten it’s like having a baby the nights are sleepless and I’m just I’m so overwhelmed with love for her so since I can’t make a whole vlog about it I decided I’m just gonna pop her in here real quick because I cannot hold her from you guys anymore look at her face isn’t she just perfection enough her two pounds so I wanted to show her to you she’s gonna be really frisky she’s gonna be in all my videos she’s my girl and Ruby is hmm Ruby’s been the baby of the family and now it’s like she’s graduated now she’s the big sister and she has got no time for this puppy behavior I hope they become frosted she’s sweet to her but she’s not really in love with her yet look at that face hey welcome to the family so she has definitely been such a sweet Westing to my heart my arms were really empty my heart was really lonely and you know I just wanna let you guys know you can feel that way and still be absolutely in love with everyone here but you could still longed for more and that’s okay so while we’re still on the topic of having baby number six we are gonna just have a sweet puppy and see where the Lord leads us but like I said never say never because I figured oh this will just this’ll fix it this will fix it not still wrong for another baby a fellow [Music] go on just do what you do [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] although the pain seems to follow [Music] like a shadow dark and co2 the time [Music] you guys the amount of laundry in this house is absolutely insane I am currently still working on it no kidding it is just coming and coming and now that the weather is getting colder here we have larger items to wash and it has been crazy I feel like I cannot even catch up [Music] [Music] my room is one place where I feel like my allergies are the worst and I have caught the cats lying on my bed which is a big no-no so I am going to clean everything on here and then dust very very well my goal is to have no cats in here the dogs don’t bother me as much Ruby she does sometimes as long as we keep her bathed but I kept her off the bed because she was in heat and it was just a mess and no so the little puppy does hop on the bed here every so often we have had some sleepless nights with her so I put her in the bed you guys have any suggestions on crate training she cries so much and my heart cannot take a little mist that’s what she does she cannot get comfortable and then I stepped out for a bit it I’m going to get the vacuum to vacuum the mattress my allergies have been just like crazy because my kitty cats have been coming in here and so I’m about to ban my room but I’m gonna vacuum the mattress dears my little hazel night I am going to put my allergy blend in the vacuum it was lemon peppermint copaiba and lavender and you guys it smells so good you can diffuse this you can make a rollerball with it or put it in the vacuum like I’m doing and I felt like it made the entire room just so fragrant and it helps it really does help with my allergies so I’m gonna vacuum my bed [Applause] you want to see the water okay this this is a bed that always had a protector on it we have never slept on this bed without a protector there is a protector on the mattress and then I put a different for another I’m out of breath house that was hard another protector on it this is what the water looks like I don’t know why maybe it’s from all the oils but it’s definitely but you can’t tell but it’s cloudy so my thought is to vac being an actress just in case and then I know I read that dust mites don’t like citrus so I’m gonna take a cotton ball of some citrus fresh oil and put it under my mattress in like little places under like where the boxspring is and maybe that will help with any dust mites [Music] [Applause] [Applause] I always feel like you can tell the state of my cleaning and how far I’m into it by looking at my mom bun it just looking like a hot mess right now I’m gonna continue vacuuming out the air purifier this is something that runs every day if you’ve heard of my videos and a little humming in the back and that is what it is and we try to clean this out regularly but I noticed that it needed another good cleaning [Music] I don’t know if you guys know this but cleaning your baseboards is so important not only does dust collect on the little edge there but did you know that it can also hold a lot of odors in the house just using your little attachments here and going along the baseboards every time you vacuum will keep your house so fresh [Music] so I am actually chatting with my friend Amy Darlie on the Marco while I do this laundry I’m telling you this Marco app is amazing I call it the lazy mom’s way of staying in touch because you can do what I’m doing here while I’m talking and having a conversation with her and then she can respond anytime she wants so so great for moms I also am going to organize my husband’s drawers here when I put laundry away I like to go ahead and do this I feel like when it’s like crazy and we’re just putting laundry away or we’re getting our clothes out quickly everything gets so just scattered and unorganized so when I put my clothes away I will always take a little extra time and organize the drawers [Music] I’m gonna finish my room by vacuuming everything including the laminate flooring I want to do this before I go to bed and I’m also diffusing that oil in here so it makes the air feel so good is it just me but when you really deep clean it’s like the house feels cleaner I don’t know what it is like the air is lighter what is that why is it like that is it because the dust is out of the air does anybody knows [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are going to probably start renovating some of the house next year and I’m thinking about this bathroom I think I might paint it the same alabaster color that I painted the rest of the house what do you think do you like this AG green or maybe should I go for white or the colors that’s in the living room I feel like it will just make it feel so much more open I have loved love loved love the transformation in the living room it really does just bring in the light and just make everything feel so airy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I was walking through the house the other day and I noticed how horribly stained this was with dust I have never noticed it before so I knew that this had to get on my list I might just have to end up replacing it I don’t know why dust stains so bad but I decided to use my attachment here and work through some of the little crinkles here there were also a lot of dead bugs a lot of bugs in there so this was really a good time to clean this out [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed today’s cleaning it was a mess but I can tell you I am breathing so much better now when January comes I am going to be going through this house honestly probably before I’m going to be going through this house we’re getting rid of all the toxic products and we are gonna have all-natural cleaning and it’s gonna be so fun and I’m gonna take you guys along with me I hope you are ready for the holidays I hope you’ve got a ton of cleaning going on don’t forget to subscribe before you go and I love you and I’ll see you in the next one [Music]


  1. Omg I'm obsessed with Hazel 😍 How could no one want her 😍 She's adorable ❤ Definitely needed this before Christmas 🎅

  2. Omgoodness I love your new baby Hazel. I would love a little puppy like her. I have to keep my bedroom door closed so my two cats can’t get in there. Doctors orders. He said I had to have a pet free zone. I have asthma and all kinds of allergies.

  3. I'm in love with my quantum! I feel so much cleaner with its thoroughness and the essential oils that I can put in it.

  4. Hazel is adorable and so are you. I am so happy for you. I am wanting another long term relationship with a man Been divorced for 12 years So if God can bless you with a puppy He can provide me with man. Love you and your channel so much and real life on youtube. ❤

  5. Hazel is so adorable. Lucky you. I used to place a ticking clock underneath a blanket in our dog kennel at night and the noise helped her so she didn't cry.

  6. Hazel is too precious for words, omg!!!! We bought a new house yesterday so now is my chance to get rid of yet more stuff, yay!!! You are such a loving and giving person Lynn. You deserve the best Christmas ever and the most wonderful New Years of all. Hugs sweet lady…….

  7. Hazel is precious! Put a piece of your clothing that you wore in the crate with her – it’s comforting and calms them.😘💜

  8. I absolutely love Hazel! 🐶 We have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they ate the best dogs ever. Our friends have a Cavishon and they are just as sweet. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Pennsylvania! ❄️🎄🎁❄️

  9. I love Ruby and she’s going to need loads of reassurance that she’s still loved. The new puppy is so cute, but I remember how our older dog Grace was singularly unimpressed when we got Toby our lab x! She was quite ‘needy’ for a while, but we made a big fuss of her and new pup was accepted.
    I wash my mattress protector regularly too. Hubby has allergies.

  10. On another note, I find that the Wood/ Laminate floors collect WAYYY more Dust, hair, and dander then Tile! If you plan to stay and not sell the house perhaps you might want to consider Tiling your bedroom? No bueno on Laminate flooring when u have allergies & pets!

  11. Oh my!! Stop the presses you used your vacuum to do your bed🥰🥰🥰 I love that idea!! I am so trying it! I use my vacuum on my couches and I got that idea of another YouTuber

  12. We have the same breed, ours is 1 year old. She sleeps in her crate at night but it’s like a baby and they have to get use to it, they want to be with you. We do not put her in the crate until we’re all in bed and we also cover her crate up with a little blanket, Good luck!

  13. I hear you 😍 I have longed for another child for so long. I had 4 miscarriages and now that I turned 45 .. I guess the ship is sailing for me. I love my girl's so much but feels like my arms were meant for one more but it seems that the Lord had other plans. So it has been hard figuring out how to move on from this stage but I am a work in progress .

  14. Hazel is so precious!!!! ❤️ I’ve missed seeing your videos. I’ve been sick and couldn’t do much so I kept looking for you to post 🤣
    I can never keep up with what days lol
    Merry Christmas!! 🎄🐶

  15. My parents bought me and my brothers a puppy Dalmatian and for WEEKS he would cry and howl ALL NIGHT, my mam was told to buy a little clock and put it underneath alfys bed and the ticking is supposed to remind them of the mother’s heart beat! It worked a treat! Also hazel is so adorable 😍

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