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Now I have my ankle in the Dishwasher…but anyways what’s up guys? Today We’re gonna be doing something very stupid, see I don’t like spicy food I’ve never liked spicy food. Everything is way too spicy for me. I can’t handle anything jalapeno No, hot sauce no every single time I’ve accidentally had hot sauce I started crying and then like spitting it out, and this is I’m only talking about jalapenos here So there’s just one time in this restaurant They gave us like a free appetizer thing and it was like tomatoes than something But I had two jalapenos in it and I didn’t know and then I ate it I started sweating a lot my eyes started watering started like crying and like choking, and it was just really bad I don’t think I’ve had anything spicy since I don’t know what it is. I just can’t handle spicy food I didn’t grow up eating it. I’ve never really eaten it. That’s why today. We’re just gonna skip to the hottest noodle in the world And we’re gonna have it here it is I went to the Asian market yesterday other people are looking for and I’m like HEY! I should do a video on this and then I looked it up in a bunch of other people did videos on it, so Yeah, so this is hot chicken flavor ramen. This is the hottest noodle There is as you guys know noodles have wheat in them. I’m allergic to gluten So I’m gonna just make my own noodles. It’s not the noodles that are hot the noodles actually have no flavor We’re gonna open it up It’s just this bad boy right here is what we’re looking for this is the sauce packet the noodles don’t have Yeah, they don’t have any flavor, so I’m allergic to these noodles, so I gotta make my own noodles I’m gonna use two packs of these in noodles, and we’re gonna. Hope I don’t die all right so I got a pot Oh, you can see me. I set up a tripod today, so BAM got my rice noodles I can have rice noodles, but I can’t have wheat noodles Bitch Damnit, you can use any kind of pasta. It’s not gonna affect the hotness of it. Please excuse my disgusting sink with dishes good I’m just gonna boil this till it’s done Ain’t gonna take long, and now we wait, so what wait for the noodles I want to tell you guys like I’ve been looking up stuff About spiciness food. I mean spicy food, so people that like spicy food Oh, no. I’m reading about it’s like people get a rush out of it like their taste buds get excited like so spicy food plants like Chili Peppers and stuff They have kept say sins, and it’s like a natural defense by plants So like other animals don’t eat them does like mmm a chili pepper. Let’s not eat this because it’s spicy I don’t make me feel like shit, but humans on the other hand they’re like nah Give me that let me get an extra side of that, too I mean some people’s taste buds like it some people’s taste buds don’t and you know what I want to stop eating Lucky Charms every Day, I want to expand my palate every time. There’s like spicy food on the menu I’m like that sounds good, but a spicy so I can’t eat it. What could be so bad. I don’t get what’s so bad I’m gonna try to like it. I’m gonna try to enjoy it. I’ll probably like pass out and die I don’t know man I’m scared. I’m scared because the last time I had jalapeno, look I started crying so much like if I got some cookies Maybe I’ll pour me some milk Just the case I can’t handle it but you know what I’m gonna try to handle it and I’m gonna try to enjoy it because there are people that eat this and They enjoy it and isn’t that right? Do you like spicy? You know puppy dogs. They don’t like spicy no No, no does your dog like spicy cuz my puppy dog. They don’t like spicy you do not want this here I’m gonna have her smell this This is a spicy spice Would you, EW, she wants This is spicy Dude, she wants a hella bad, no, this is not for you not for the licking Make you have to poo poos. See what Cass thinks. What do you think of this spicy spice ? Spice that is spicy? He wanted it at first, but now he doesn’t want it See Cass knows he has more common sense than Luna. Luna is dumb, huh. You’re kind of smart you know it’ll give you the poo poos actually he’s really stupid because this motherfucker loves chocolate and Raisins and everything bad for him like bruh. You a dog! It’s poison Alright, so haven’t my noodles right here, so I’m gonna take my sauce packet. Gonna open this. Let’s smell it Doesn’t smell spicy or anything . Ew the consistency of this It’s like blood. Okay. That’s one packet It’s like another packet of other stuff. Oh it’s like sesame seeds and seaweed And then the other packet Gross I mean it doesn’t smell spicy, it’s smells like soy sauce okay, we’re gonna mix this up I Know it does It’s all red Look at it. haha oh my god it touched my mouth like the very slightest for a thumbnail it burns a little bit inside my mouth I haven’t tried it yet, but I did the thumbnail pic, and it’s hurting my mouth Ok let’s take a bite Mmm Okay, okay, okay, I think I It tastes good at first why is it doing this to me now? It’s like I liked you I feel like this is more good than spicy I don’t know how I’m doing this, but it’s actually really good. Okay. It’s getting really hot Baby it’s hot My tongue is burning! Okay, I need some milk ! Wow the milk like makes it like you you you never ate anything spicy this actually works I haven’t drink milk after eating something spicy before It actually works, but I’m probably gonna go throw up later, I mean spicy noodles milk ah Here we go again! My lips are burning my lips are burning everythings burning everything is burning so bad Baby this burns Now I’m crying I’m crying because it’s so hot what is good can’t handle this anymore It’s like I want to eat it. I want to enjoy my noodles right now Gonna be like Naruto My lips are on fire! Are my lips red?They’re like so red Cass come here Does that smell good Damn he wants it Do you want it? no! Give you the oh my god Oh boy I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore. It’s like when the milk is not in my mouth and not on my tongue it burns! So bad! It’s still burning! Baby He’s making it burn more I need a tissue for my issue my tongue is still burning. I’m eating a cookie. I’ve had milk, I’ve had almost a cup of milk. I’m shaking. At least it gave my lips some, some color Like if I expose it to air it’s not that hot Am I just gonna suffer the rest of the day, with this on my tongue, okay, but anyways that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’m just gonna go suffer and try to make this better. I don’t know what to do Maybe have bread or more milk Okay, That was not good. I just like spit out some of it like like half threw up in the bathroom But yeah it sucks, man That sucked, I feel like if you actually like spicy food then that would be pretty good like the noodles weren’t bad it was pretty good, but it’s just I can’t handle it. If you guys want me to try this again, but with the hottest pepper in the world make sure you hit that like button I’ll have the hottest pepper in the world next thanks for watching, bye guys! CREDITS ALL TO CHANTELLE

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