Extreme Zipline Catapult over 80m Canyon I DD Squad Ep5

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Sit back, relax, and zipline with DD squad! *rock music* Woohoohoo! That was crazy! *rock music* *splash* Wooooo! Go Jani! Woohoo! All right, so today the plan is to build a
Y zipline. Which is, basically, a zip line that goes into a Y. And you swing with the rope swing to the end of the zipline, and it just throws you – we don’t know where. *rock music* *drilling* *rock music* *sawing* *rock music* Jani’s going first – he’s the test, test bunny – and I think Gape’s going second. *rock music* I could do a double for sure! *chuckles* *rock music* *splash* Nice rotation! Woohoo! *rock music* I got hit in the stomach, and I was out of my breath for a while. *rock music* I’m about to do my first double backflip,
I’m really scared – also excited. Let’s go! Whoa! *rock music* *cheering* *whistling and clapping* *rock music* I’ll try to zip line underneath Gap. I’m gonna hang off his feet. I hope that I can manage to
hold us for at least … two seconds. A lot of scenarios that can happen. *rock music* *cheering* *rock music* *splash* Wooooohoooo! *imitating Bear Grylls*
We are really exposed to hypothermia *imitating Bear Grylls*
in these Arctic regions. *imitating Bear Grylls*
Backflipping off the huge zipline *imitating Bear Grylls*
is a real pain-in-the-ass, *imitating Bear Grylls*
cold-wise. *imitating Bear Grylls*
Gonna get warm soon. *rock music* *sizzling* *rock music* Sender fender is back in the game!
*slap* *rock music* *splash* *laughter* *rock music* Wooooo! Go Jani! Woohoo! *grunts* I got some fine rotation up there It was like open tuck, just barely held my knees. And this is the ladder swing! *rock music* Woohoo! *rock music* That was crazy! Whoo Comment down below, which prop you like best! Woohoohoo! *rock music* *splash* *laughter* That was my first and last jump, after that I had to go to the emergency room just to check if everything was okay. *rock music* Thanks for watching zip swing episode, press that like button as many times as you want! And comment below on what you
want us to hang off of this zipline next time! And also comment which fail
you like best! For more heavy sends, subscribe to our YouTube channel! *phew phew*

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  1. Hope you like our Zipline Catapult set up! We hope to be able to set it up again next summer and have an open session for anyone willing to give it a go! 😀

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