7 thoughts on “Extremely Rusty Knife Restoration

  1. Hi my best friend Boris 👋👋👋 I’m glad to see you 🤝🤝🤝 very good restoration knife 🔪 👍👍👍🔥💣👌🏽 imagine how much time you spent cleaning the blade 😓😤😱 advice to you, buy a tool MC-51 it removes rust well and in general everything turned out well 💪

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.
    Thanks a lot for this new video.
    You are a hard worker.
    Your works are amazing, and enjoyful.
    I saw some beautiful scenes in your this video.
    Wooooooow, 2 ducks swim in your video.
    Is this location near about your home or away? Nice video and nice location.
    I saw your face in this video.
    You look like Peter Parker (Spiderman) at side view.
    And I love your hard work.
    Amazing restoration.

  3. Great job the only thing I wish to see you could have use the original pommel but other than that you did a great job I love that you did the restoration by hand using old school tools that's what I loved about it and I've never seen anybody get rid of the rust off a blade with just a file and sandpaper so you did a good job with that cuz I had never seen that before good job overall

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