EYE ALLERGY Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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The eyes are the windows to the soul
because they reflect our state of mind this certainly can’t be true if our eyes
are red swollen watery and it’s she from an allergic reaction
severe allergic eye symptoms can be very distressing and are a common reason for
visits to the allergist ophthalmologist and even the emergency room occasionally
severe eye allergies cause serious damage that can threaten eyesight
symptoms typical symptoms associated with eye allergies include inflammation
of the conjunctival that is caused by a reaction to allergens the inflammation
causes enlargement of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva congestion resulting
in a red or bloodshot appearance of the eyes these allergy symptoms can range
from very mild redness to severe swelling associated with discharge
causes eye allergies usually are associated with other allergic
conditions particularly hay fever allergic rhinitis and atopic eczema
dermatitis the causes of eye allergies are similar to those of allergic asthma
and hay fever medications and cosmetics can play a significant role in causing
eye allergies reactions to eye irritants and other eye conditions for example
infections such as pinkeye are often confused with eye allergy any kind of
irritant whether environmental infectious or made can cause symptoms
consistent with eye allergies treatments the best way to treat an eye allergy is
to avoid the allergen that is causing it however this isn’t always possible
especially if you have seasonal allergies luckily there are numerous
different treatments that can relieve eye allergy symptoms medications certain
oral medications can help alleviate eye allergies especially when other allergy
symptoms are present these medications include antihistamines such as Laura –
Dean or DIF and high Drammen decongestants
as soon oft Draenor oxime Teslin steroids such as prednisone allergy
shots allergy shots may be recommended if symptoms don’t improve with
medication allergy shots are a form of immunotherapy that involves a series of
injections of the allergen the amount of allergen in the shot steadily increases
over time the allergy shots modify your body’s response to the allergen which
helps reduce the severity of your allergic reactions eyedrops many
different types of prescription and over-the-counter eyedrops are available
to treat eye allergies eyedrops frequently prescribed for eye allergies
contain no low petaline hydrochloride an ingredient that can effectively relieve
symptoms associated with an allergic reaction such eyedrops are available
under the brand names pur today and paid on all over-the-counter options include
lubricating eyedrops such as artificial tears which can help wash allergens from
the eyes other eyedrops have antihistamine or non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory and sayd medications some eyedrops must be used every day
while others can be used as needed to relieve symptoms eyedrops may cause
burning or stinging at first any unpleasantness usually resolves within a
few minutes some eyedrops may cause side effects such as irritation it’s
important to ask your doctor which over-the-counter eyedrops work best
before selecting a brand on your own natural remedies several natural
remedies have been used to treat eye allergies with varying degrees of
success including Allium CEPA made from red onion you fobian and gal Tamiya make
sure to contact your doctor about the safety and effectiveness of these
remedies before you try them a cool moist washcloth may also provide relief
for people with eye allergies you can try placing the washcloth over closed
eyes several times a day this can help alleviate dryness as well
as irritation however it’s important to note that this method doesn’t directly
treat the underlying cause of the allergic reaction every individual needs
unique treatment and care we encourage people with eye ology and their families
to learn as much as possible about the latest medical treatment and approaches
as well as healthy lifestyle choices please subscribe and comment if you have
any latest medical treatment for this illness stay strong live long
thank you

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