Eyelash Extensions & Allergy Season – Top 5 Tips

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11 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions & Allergy Season – Top 5 Tips

  1. Omg I’m allergic to freaking everything and the pollen counts out here have been 9-10 every damn day 😭 I would be so bad at taking care of lash extensions lol

  2. Yay! I'm new to your channel. Discovered via your Urban Decay/ Game of Thrones review. Very cool. These are great general allergy tips as well. I enjoyed the video and the perspective I wouldn't think that would benefit others, in a specific way. Have a great week & see you in your next video. Much love & big hugs! ❤🤗

  3. Great tips! You also need to wash your lash extensions daily with soap (no oils) to avoid getting EYE MITES – yes that's a thing. A friend of mine had them. Very gross and I don't ever want to know what that's like!

  4. yes it has been a bad allergy season, yellow pine everywhere. had to wash my deck everyday. i have never really been able to wear eyelash extensions. i have some eye issues and have to be very careful abt eye makeup. the least little thing will cause my cornea to peel and it is very painful. if i get an eyelash in my eye, it will cause an abrasion. thank you for the tips

  5. I had never wore extensions before, I know that several of my nieces love to wear them. those WOW tips are good for people that don't wear lash extensions.

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