EZC – Ep 01 – Who We Are, Asthma & Allergies

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Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m from EZC. We’re a small business trying to make a big difference in the lives of those who have allergies and other conditions such as Asthma and Diabetes. The first products we’ve designed are what we call the “My Puffer Pouch” range. These pouches come in three different sizes and are clearly marked with fun caricatures to identify what’s in each pouch. We’ve got the “My Puffer Pouch” the “My Epi Pen & Puffer Pouch”, and the “My Puffer & Spacer Pouch”. Most of us know someone who is asthmatic, but many of us may not know that they are. The scary thing is this is not uncommon. Our “Puffer Pouches” are colourful and clearly marked. If someone is having an Asthma attack, they may be unable to speak or move. If this is the case, the Puffer Pouches can be found quickly. They are small enough to fit in a handbag or small carry bag, and can even be stuck to the inside of your bag with a Velcro spot. Did you know that over 10% of Australia’s population has Asthma? That’s around 2.3 million people!! And world-wide about 334 million people suffer from Asthma. It is the 14th most important disorder in the world in terms of extent and duration of disability. Asthma does not discriminate. It can affect anyone. So at EZC, our products are all about awareness and changing lives. Our goal is to use EASILY VISIBLE Visual Aids to make a difference, to change and save lives. Raising awareness is imperative to reduce the number of fatalities worldwide. So like and share this video. Visit our website and follow us on both Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to Subscribe!! We’ll be posting a new video each week, so watch this space!!

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