Fadil Umihanić-Allergies and allergic reactions #breakthroughjuniorchallenge

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We’ve all heard of allergies before. In fact every fifth person in the US has some kind of allergy. But do we actually know anything about them? Allergies are an over response of our immune system to factors that are not harmful at all like dust. Allergies have two ways of appearing. First one is though genes for example our parents and the other one is trough the environment. We have four major types of allergies: food for example: egg and peanut, drug for example: penicilin, skin for example: rubber and synthetic and respiratory for example: pollen or dust. Your body acts differently if the environment there changes, so if it’s healthy it’s all perfect just like Vivaldi’s spring 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 When you’re sick everything is out of tune. And when you have an allergic reaction to something your body simply goes wild. Allergies sometimes bring some symptoms or issues with them. Most common are sneezing, swelling, coughing or eye irritation which aren’t that alarming. But there are some that are. For example the anaphylaxis shock where the victim will most probably die from suffocating. So here’s how an allergy actually works: First the antigen or the thing that causes are allergy comes to our organism then the body investigator, the APC cell sees it, destroys it, takes his genetic material or DNA and shows it to her friend T2 cell. T2 so is so excited and tells it to the B1 cell thinks it’s important and tells it to the plasmocite. Plasmocite produces the sensors the mastocite will use. Mastocite is our body policeman. Next time the allergy comes into our body Mastocite sees it, takes it, sends it’s messengers to the nearest blood vessel and tells it to shrink because there’s danger. The danger in reality isn’t there. Now you might be wondering is there a cure for allergies? Yes there actually is. Allergies are treated by certain drugs which get to the cell receptors before the substances from mastocite do. There is actually another way to treat allergies and it’s called desentization. It means exposing yourself to bigger amounts of allergens or things that cause your allergy in certain periods of time Allergies are really interesting aren’t they? Now there’s a statement that hasn’t been scientifically proven yet but stands as a hypothesis. It says that: when you’re being a kid your parents don’t let you be exposed to viruses and bacteria… Don’t let you play in mud. Your body wants to fight something wants to get used to something. So it finds dust or pollen or anything else that’s unharmful as their opponent. So afterwards you have an allergic reaction. Allergies can be fun to research but believe me they’re never fun to experience. We should all treat people with allergies in a special way so they can enjoy life as much as we do. Thank you.

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