3 thoughts on “Family can’t find daycare due to severe allergies

  1. Honestly I would be scared 😟 to take him what if another mom bring snicker bar happens to drop a pice or they packed peanut butter lunch even if you said no we have allergic kid it’s still your fault how about you make PBJ and a little bit of butter stayed in your hand after washing it in a hurry cause cause the kids Where crying and fighting alsooo bananas.N milk are one of the few things daycares are able to give the children’s it really is sad but for business and for the child’s own safety it’s not worth it.
    what y’all need to do is find a private babysitter find a high school student preferably a male cause that is a boy it would be nice to have another male around talk to the boy’s/girls parents to let her know your pain and situation if I was a parent I would mind my child do this job I’m sure it pays well and if my child not good I say nah he won’t be good to change his diapers and you go find another one ☝️ it won’t be hard kids need jobs now that I think about it I think a girl is most likely to get it.im just trying to help tho 😌

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