100 thoughts on “Father Shoots Himself to Donate Kidney – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

  1. At first, I was confused as to why Dr Choi was giving chest compressions to the guy who shot himself in the head. But then I figured/guessing he was making sure blood was still flowing and the body is still lively enough to make the transplant. Actual medical experts help me out.

  2. Definitely the most heartbreaking moment in the whole series.
    That father was willing to do anything to protect his child, as any good parent would do.

  3. I understand why he did it, like you'd do anything for your kid but what would the kid do if he ain't in contact with his mother

  4. It is sad that the dad died but a nice way to think about it is that the little boy with always have a piece of his dad with him?

  5. Why amI here? How did I get here? Youtube algorithms? I saw the one where the guy shoved a pencil in his ear. Why am I still watching these clips?

  6. Suicide is a selfish thing…but there is no greater honor than laying your life down for your friends and family.

  7. I’m confused why did he have to die for him to save his son? And also why is he being arrested? Kidneys can be donated without the donor having to die

  8. He shot himself please explain why the doc was trying to bring him back there is no way he could the bullet went through his skull

  9. Hi Chicago, I need s kidney transplants too! I have neonatal Bartter Syndrome and I have for 14 years now. Im from Australia and was the first child to be born with it in over 20 years! Just thought I’d tell my story. Keep doing magic!

  10. Why did the father assume that his son would automatically get his kidney – I'm surprised that the hospital is involved in deciding who gets the kidney. It could be given to another person

  11. I would never do that to save anyone. That just sent him to hell. People forget Suicide is the only sin you cant ask for forgiveness for

  12. Everyone complimenting the dad, you shouldnt be. He left his son alive with the knowledge his dad killed himself for him and also witnessing it. So no, thats not a good father

  13. 2:43 Real headshots are even more disconcerting. The heart still pumps for a time, so blood would regularly gush out of the wound with each pulse and compression.

  14. So, the father shot himself in the head. And dr Choi is trying to save his life. Uhm again, the father shot himself IN THE HEAD

  15. That is love💗.A father killed himself just for his son💗💗💗💗💗💗💗.But it is still sad😞😞😞😞😩

  16. im so sorry for the father! He was only trying to help and far worse,he shoots himself to donate a kidney!!! My stomach is in knots!!!

  17. Why did he kill himself? To make sure the kidney transplant happens.

    I’m sure some are wondering, since we have two kidneys

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