Fauci: Americans ‘Can’t Be Doing The Kids Of Things We Were Doing’ Before Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

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100 thoughts on “Fauci: Americans ‘Can’t Be Doing The Kids Of Things We Were Doing’ Before Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

  1. In all seriousness I believe with Dr.fauic leading the charge to counter the Coronavirus he can prevent a catastrophe from happening in the US

  2. I wish you people would stop worshipping these imbeciles like they are some sort of political celebrity. They have no idea what they are doing. They are there because if they weren't….they would be in prison for their crimes. Thats it. Thats their qualification. They are criminals. Larping as good people. Sad.

  3. At :30, Dr. Fauci stated, "..can't be doing the kinds of things we were doing before coronvirus…" Journalist amusing typo, not Dr. Fauci's error.

  4. Starting March 15 the whole world needs to self quarintine for 30 days. And have cops and firemen drop off food and meds.
    That will knock a dent in it.

  5. Please go watch this!


    Now I understand why the ultra-rich build supe- yatchs. Bill Gates is in the middle of the ocean right now.

  6. This guy was talking crap while spread was in China and called for nothing in US to be closed like cruises and planes. He blows with the wind like a politician.

  7. @NBC get the person in charge of your you tube channel and have a serious conversation about spelling in the titles, that small job he or she had to do 🙄

  8. 23trilion U.S. dollars and 22vets killing themselves,every day!.. seems,like health care is a republican joke,like John McCain being a loser. The rich spent your money, your kids,and PUTIN helped,all way to hard for a political biased media to explain,even,if,.. national security was being threatened

  9. Humans can really be mental! A week ago, Northern Italy ignored quarantine and held festivals including the Battle of Oranges…Cruisers ignore all the warnings too and continue to board Princess Cruises and now get infected and whining like babies…if humans were smarter..total global lockdown should’ve been immediate..the virus would’ve been easily contained before going global and a third of our population 60 and older die off. Health resources are strained because of the ignorant.

  10. How about you lead by example? Telling us to be socially distant, yet huddling around a microphone like its a campfire.

  11. You would think after some time NBC news would catch on and correct there misspelling in the title. Seems to be the trend nowadays that the news can put anything they want out there and see if it sticks. Media is the enemy of the people.

  12. "I forgot to read the title, bcuz I got high" now I got fired and I know why, eyy hey. Bcuz I got high, Bcuz got high, bcuz I got high. Doo doo doo doot."

  13. This country has so many "wealth managers", then why is it trillions in debt!
    And they always seem to be the "wealthiest" of the bunch?😕

  14. This is the way we lose all our right's first it was war on drug's…then they used war on terrorism …soon it will be a virus… all three ways the government kan and will declare Marshall Law. The sad part is our own government's hands our the cause of all three.
    (1) our fighting men with pain killers
    (2) twin towers
    And soon they will go public with
    (3) a virus…

  15. Glad that social distancing is so important that they stand 9 people within licking distance of each other to tell us to keep separated.

  16. "CAN'T BE DOING THE KIDS OF THINGS WE WERE DOING" i kneeeew it, after creepy joe biden child sniffing videos…I knew democrats were PEDOPHILES and child traffickers!

  17. Hi sisters and brothers, I'm writing from MIlan, Italy, where I live and I have to stay. Don't panic, nothing happens if you pay attention, the coronavirus can get you only if another person is near to you and infected and do something wrong. Stay strong and think before doing everything!

  18. pardon me ladies the solution is beyond AMA doctors the solution is in what media and AMA and drug industry has been bigoted agianst namely alternative medicine drug industry ha sfoiught a 30 years war against herbs W H O knows traditonal and complimentary mediicne it must use it the head of W H O appears overburdened and not aware of ayur veda and TCM and naturopathy and ethnobotany and western master herbalism 28 137 species of mediicnal plants in god's organic garden Hippocrates used 400 herbs he said " food is mediicne " badfood is thecrisis junk food too much meat not enough greens and fresh fruits fruits eaten seperately from meals also milk in between meals not with a meal schools need to teach food ed and brain ed and money ed must be said that the solution is in not whiteman dominant [ western ] medicine

  19. So the how do you stay healthy as an active individual who wants bolster the immune system. How do you keep your healthy habits a float to at least somewhat help your body take the blow of covid19.

  20. Does no one have a friend or coworker who knows how to edit the damned title? Call me, if you’re stumped —- I’ll walk you through it. We can’t have these kids of typos, I mean really!!

  21. This is the book 1984. They don’t want people to have any contact with each other in anyway. This is all a HOAX just like the swine flu in 1976.
    Nothing new under the sun!!This is a 60 minutes from 1981 talking about the swine flu epidemic in 1976 and the mass vaccination causing death and injuries


  22. Wtf. It's a typo. For God's sake. There is a catastrophe happening, your lives are all going to change whether you get sick or not and you fixate on a typo. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  23. Why don’t we start embracing all kids of people from all different kids of lives. We should be kider to each other and start doing the kids of things we should for once.

  24. This guy is just trying to keep everything in perspective!! All hands on deck this what we need to do!! Well said! Stop the panic -we’ll get through this! We always do.

  25. So, what he is saying is that. Months ago, Americans were supporting Trump no matter what. Now, you need to wake up and not support Trump because Trump is dangerous during a pandemic and ultimately will cost every American their lives! Got it!

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