Fighting allergies with Dr. Rodenas 2019

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Usually in Gainesville, we are dealing
with tree pollen at this time, mainly oak tree pollen. However, during last
few months we have had to deal also with grass pollen. Symptoms of allergies
during this time include things like itchy watery eyes or itchy runny nose or
stuffy nose. You may also experience cough or even asthma exacerbation. Many
folks are have a difficult time trying to differentiate whether they have a
common cold or they have allergies that are bothering them. We can sometimes
experience symptoms that last too long, a cold that never goes away, use of
antibiotics and symptoms continue, so those are some of the characteristics of
allergies that patients can use to differentiate between a common cold and
having allergies. So treatment options for patients who have allergies may
include medications that are over the counter, either tablets like
antihistamines. It could include nasal rinses or saline
sprays. Nasal steroids that are given intranasally, also allergy eyedrops. Now
we can also prescribe medications that can improve patient symptoms including
allergy shots and allergy shots are probably the best option that a patient
can consider if they are interested in curing their allergic symptoms. One of
the most important things that patients need to realize is that there are
treatment options out there for them and they should not be suffering. Each
treatment plan for an individual patient is going to be unique, so talking to your
doctor and talking to your allergist or seeking help with our office would
probably be the best.

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