Fighting to Cure Food Allergies

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“Gunner, come here!” “It started with a simple kiss, the same loving
kiss I had given my son countless times before. But this time, I had to rush him to the emergency
room. The peanut butter cookies I had eaten earlier
in the day caused him to have a life-threatening allergic reaction. Fortunately, he survived. As a parent it’s heartbreaking to see your
child suffer and not know if you’ll be able to save him.” In the past 20 years, food allergies among
children in the United States have increased by 50 percent. At the University of Notre Dame, Professor
Başar Bilgiçer is engineering molecules to prevent an allergic reaction from taking
place. “Food allergies can be severe, even life-threatening,
but currently there is no medicine that can cure them. Existing drugs only help a body endure the
symptoms of an allergic reaction.” Professor Bilgiçer and his team are working
to create an inhibitor that can be given to a person as a preventative monthly shot or
pill which will eliminate a reaction from starting at all. “As an engineer, Professor Bilgiçer has brought
a new perspective to solving this pervasive problem. His groundbreaking work has the potential
to permanently transform the way we treat food allergies.” “I never want to bury my child, I want to
see him live a long life. He’s a happy boy. He has so much to offer.” “My hope is that our work will make the fear
and trauma associated with food allergies a thing of the past.” The University of Notre Dame asks, “What would
you fight for?” Fighting to cure food allergies. We are the Fighting Irish.

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