FILMTEAM CHEMNITZ – nicht nur sehen, sondern fühlen.

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Life is a big journey and has so many surprises
in store for us. We leave old roads behind us and find new ones that take us forwards. We love the anticipation, the tension, the adrenaline that we feel when we try something new. Putting your foot on the gas, setting off and experiencing the ultimate kick. We are always looking for things
that fascinate us. We love feeling free and looking out at what lies ahead of us We want to conquer everything, to set out from our homes and explore the whole world. Every day we are growing, evolving and always learning something new. We don’t get overwhelmed because we know how to focus on what really matters. What fascinates us the most
is the people that we meet, their energy and their passions. These moments are so intense
and irreplaceable. Yes, we too love being entranced by the magic of the perfect moment. Our journey is only just beginning. We’re always looking for the most beautiful perspective, a thrilling story, those special moments and the images that leave the most intense impressions on us. Filmteam Chemnitz Capture the feeling, not just the image.

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