Finding her voice, even with asthma

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Singing This 8-year-old superstar… is Alaya Rogers. I really love to sing. It’s my passion and my goal to be a singer when I grow up Singing It’s easy to see she’s a powerhouse But something was wrong. It felt like my throat was closing and I couldn’t breathe Alaya has asthma.
She was born premature – at one pound and four ounces at UW Medical Center – and had trouble breathing from the beginning. She would turn blue all the time. I would look down at my baby and she would not be breathing and a few times we had to give her chest compressions and put her in the ambulance. The asthma got in the way of Alaya’s love of music. I would see all the little girls getting up and singing and it would break my heart because I know she really has a talent and she couldn’t do it. But now, after seeing pediatrician Dr. Matthew Blessing for nearly eight years… Keep going….. She can. I don’t hear any wheezing right now Alaya’s doing better – she’s on an asthma controller medicine and a program helped her family find potential triggers of the condition around the home. She’s made a really remarkable turnaround in how she’s feeling because now, as of today’s appointment, essentially had no asthma symptoms for several months With her voice as strong as ever, she’s back to adding the perfect harmony in her group the Triple A’s. It felt really exciting because I could actually get a note out of my mouth and my voice. Singing From the UW Medicine Newsroom in Seattle, I’m Katie Chen. Singing

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