Fiona explains how she manages her son’s asthma during the school holidays

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It’s really important that Max’s
routines are kept even in the holidays as well as in the school, especially
regarding his medication. So we have had medication charts with stickers, which
encourage him and involves him in it so that we know that he doesn’t forget and
we don’t forget whether he’s had his medication or not. Because our routines
are a little bit different in the holiday, so we have that especially in
the holiday so he will stick stickers or tick when he’s had his inhalers or his
medication. It’s very important for me to make sure
that he still has his preventative medication and for him to realise that he will maybe have to continue with that even if he’s well. So we make sure that’s a regular thing every day, and I also make sure that I watch him with
his inhalers, because it’s very important that he has very good habits and
technique. Children can get distracted very easily; you can forget that he has to shake his inhalers in between the puffs. So if I’m there I can make sure
that he’s using the correct techniques; that he’s doing it properly because what
I want him to do is develop a good regular routine so that when he’s older; when he’s
becoming a teenager, he can then start having a little bit more
independence with it and carry those routines and those techniques on.

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