Fire Hazard With Paraffin Based Skin Products | Flammable Skin Creams | How To Reduce Fire Risk

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Are you aware of the fire hazard associated with paraffin based emollients many different emollients contain paraffin which are widely prescribed and play an important role in the treatment of skin conditions although it’s a small number the sad news is that people have actually died after accidentally setting alight their clothes when sparks from cigarettes or other fire sources react with the paraffin in the emollient which is on the clothes or on the skin so this weeks video is definitely not an anti-emollient video instead I’m making you aware of the potential fire hazard risk of paraffin based emollients and how to actually reduce that risk and I find that few people actually know about this so please help spread the word like, share and tag friends you could potentially save the life so, a while back the National Patient Safety Agency commissioned fire testing of paraffin based emollients to determine their fire risk they concluded that paraffin contamination on clothing leads to a more rapidly growing fire which burns more intensely and is harder to extinguish and here’s some footage from their tests the left dressing has not come in contact with a paraffin based emollient and the right has notice the dressing impregnated with a paraffin base emollient burns much more vigorously this could happen very easily if a dressing or even clothes are placed over skin which has been covered in a thick layer of paraffin based emollient so, the question is what can you do to reduce the fire hazard risk? So firstly the easiest way to reduce your risk of ignition is, stop smoking or stop being near someone who is smoking and if you want to quit or you want to help someone quit I made a video all about it a couple of months ago so feel free to check it out link is in the description in winter we tend to turn on the fireplace so try and keep away and if you can avoid turning it on regularly change clothing and bedding
which is impregnated with paraffin based products preferably on a daily basis and wash regularly chairs or seating may also have a potential of becoming contaminated with paraffin so cover with a throw and wash regularly and lastly tell your friends, family and carers about the fire hazard risk of your treatment so they can be more careful evidence currently only relates to a fire hazard risk with emollients containing paraffin concentrations of 50% or higher but the National Patient Safety Agency is taking the view that the fire hazard risk could apply to any paraffin containing product regardless of its concentration and for a full list of prescribed paraffin based emollients I’ve left a link in the description below feel free to check it out or instead just read the ingredients section on your emollient and that’s it for this weeks video! I think this is a really important issue that we need to raise awareness of so please help spread the word like, share and tag friends who’ll find this information useful hey guys thanks for watching if you haven’t already hit that follow or subscribe button now to get more videos

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