First Aid for Anaphylaxis : General Allergic Reactions

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Allergic reaction is nothing more than your
bodies? response to a foreign substance, this called an allergen. Allergic reaction can
be caused by any number of things. Basically, anything can cause an allergic reaction. Some
examples that I have on screen here are the four different ways that you can be exposed
to allergic reaction. One of them over here is skin contact through a plant, through animal,
through pollen or through latex are all ways the common allergic reactions happen. Another
way is through injection either through a needle at a hospital setting or through a
bee sting or any type of insect bite can also trigger an allergic reaction. If you ingest
something such as food, medication, nuts and shells are very common. Several people have
shell allergies and also to peanuts. Another one is through inhalation through pollen,
dust, mold mildew and animals. I am sure everybody has someone that they know that has an allergic
reaction of some sort and this is just overview of some of the things that can cause it.

2 thoughts on “First Aid for Anaphylaxis : General Allergic Reactions

  1. I think I'm allergic to my own dog. T_T Everytime I carry him or I'm near him I get itchy and I can't breathe though my nose. I have to use nasal spray, but it work for about 3-4 hours only.

  2. I once knew a lady who was allergic to both chocolate and peanut butter.

    My mom's allergic to cats, and my dad's allergic to shellfish.

    When we were cleaning our trailer after a flood, my husband discovered a huge chunk of mold, and he realized I might have been allergic, because he said that's why I was sneezing so much.

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