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Here’s what to do if you suspect someone is
having an asthma attack. Firstly sit the person upright. Be calm and reassuring but do not
leave them alone. Next give four puffs of blue reliever puffer medication and use a
spacer if there is one. After shaking the puffer put one puff into the spacer then take
four breaths from the spacer. Repeat this sequence until four puffs have been taken.
Remember shake, one puff, four breaths. Then wait four minutes. If there is no improvement
give four more puffs in the same sequence. If there is still no improvement call emergency
assistance on 000 or 112 from your mobile. Say ambulance and advise someone is having
an asthma attack. Keep giving four puffs every four minutes until emergency assistance arrives.
Call emergency assistance immediately if the person is not breathing, the person’s asthma
suddenly becomes worse or is not improving, the person is having an asthma attack and
a puffer is not available or if you are not sure if it’s asthma. It’s also good to remember
that blue reliever medication is unlikely to harm even if the person does not have asthma.

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