First Aid Tip for Severe Allergic Reaction or Anaphylactic Shock

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Anaphylactic shock is a severe allergic reaction which when triggered can within minutes affect the body and be fatal. If your family has a history of varying kinds of allergies here are the things you need to know about anaphylactic shock. The most common symptoms include severe skin redness or rashes vomiting, breathing difficulty and diarrhea. It is caused by an allergy to food like peanuts and seafood, the weather, and allergens like dust and pollens. Here are first aid tips you can perform: Immediately call emergency medical services like 911-UNTV and say that you suspect that the child is having an anaphylaxis or a severe anaphylactic reaction. If you have company in the vicinity, ask the person to call or fetch emergency responders. Do not leave the patient. If the patient has anti-allergy medicine with him let him take it right away. Place the patient in a comfortable position and make sure that the place is properly ventilated. If the patient is pale, cold, and has bluish lips, be ready to treat a shock. Ask the patient to lie down and elevate his feet. If the patient is not breathing, perform a CPR. Remember, if a child is having an anaphylactic shock, do the following: First, call emergency medical services promptly. Second, let the patient take his anti-allergy medicine. Third, make sure that he is breathing properly. Fourth, prepare to treat a shock while waiting for emergency services. Fifth, if the child is not breathing, perform a CPR.

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