FIRST AND LAST OVER-NIGHT, GIRLS7/26/17 made allergy appt my day-B4retaliatory surgery

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so that saying he was to pick you up
early so he could do shots before the appointment yeah but you can get the
shots during the appointment why can’t you do them during you’re seeing the doctor and you’re in
there with the staff and they can do the shots while you’re there not an
appointment you just want to go earlier I want to get them done first
yeah but they can do the shot but then they can’t do it at the same time it’s
either before or after and I don’t want to do it after because I want to be
there like for extra time you won’t be there for extra time they’ll do it while
you’re there they’re not gonna miss you why can’t I just do before oh my god
because I can drive you yeah but you can just meet us there too
it’s really no big deal is that what dad wants to do no that’s what I wanna do
Marissa can go with you after she wants do you have someplace to be no but I
want to get it done so that I can start reading today but I tried to get you two
shots yesterday and the day before because I plans I don’t have plans for
today so I’m gonna read but what about like are your appointments together at the
same time you know I don’t even know well you can go with that then and then
I’ll take Marissa and she’ll get her shot during her appointment how do you
know because it’s know they’ll do your shots during the appointment if you’re
there they’re gonna give you your shots you don’t have to come you know extra
early they’ll do it we’ll send someone in to do the shots I wouldn’t make you
go like otherwise they would tell you that you should come at 11:30 if you
want to shots – but if Abby feels very strongly it has to be this way I’m not
gonna argue and you can do what you want but you told me the appointment was that
noon and then you’re saying 11:30 I know and it shouldn’t even be like during
this time but go ahead if you want to go I don’t 11:30 with dad then go right
ahead I’ll take Marissa so she’s there by noon okay what were you saying about my car the
one that’s in the garage there you said that the battery was dead so dad got new
battery but you can’t like put it in unless you have the keys to like open it
I don’t know where the keys are but yep there’s somewhere in the house in this
house no house yeah I think I don’t know where
they are oh the cars been sitting dead since
almost a year plus he told me he was getting you a car
yeah but I don’t I’m not getting one right now okay I need something
temporary and that would be what that would be for that’s why I need it so what are you saying
I’m saying anything I’m just explaining why I need the keys safar so are you being how back from getting a
car because of me really not a car but I’m here so I’m beat you I’m holding you
up from having a vehicle that one not high so why why don’t you get that
vehicle now why dad get a battery and not because it takes time to go car
shopping you can’t just go and do it I thought that you were getting Malloy’s
or then you were getting one from Steve oh sorry so what happened to my boy our Steve okay I don’t know where I got that from
Wow what about the Malloy so it’s all my fault no I’m just saying
that I wanted to use this car in the meanwhile so it’s my fault right so so what right and where’s the
ports in my sewing machine where’s all this other stuff your problem cuz you
don’t use the sewing machine so he’s coming to get you yeah can you
go to the front yeah do you use your nasal spray
yeah already can you not bite me don’t buy tomato okay sure that’s fine yeah you get over TV yeah yeah yeah I’ll do my toes these keys are dragging around her I wonder if just sleeping bag where’s
that sleeping bag going oh it’s over there that also has been outside let me know what you got to go

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