First NUCALA (mepolizumab) Injection for Eczema, Allergy, & Asthma Treatment | Ep.117

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If I’m putting medication taken out of
Chinese hamster ovary then I might become a hamster myself is that what
you’re saying it’s a big first day probably gonna get the first Nucala
shot I’ve been waiting for in about an hour down the Kaiser Mama’s gonna drive
me because there’s a chance of anaphylactic shock within the first hour
or two so they’re gonna make us stay in power after I get the shot just monitor
me make sure at least at that moment everything is okay but even after that
you know I’m on the drive home and stuff I might go into shock so need somebody
to go with me feeling okay eyes still watery and reacting to something and
face feels kind of it’s falling and flaky but overall I feel pretty good
just really anxious to get this thing started you know because it’s gonna be a
monthly shot and so it’s supposedly on the road if we get go results it’s gonna
be slow so I mean I wouldn’t see it for the next three months which if I don’t
have a bad reaction initially that’s look at think about the waited almost
three months or more to see and you benefits come from it hey well I need somebody to drive right
in case something happens out there where do you want to give the shout over
there you have to put your very slowly yeah okay all right kind of wait for it our sheep there any
bad reactions which will be about 250 look at this reading the instructions
for a shot I’m taking all right listen in this nipple is a map is a humanized
il5 and tagging is monoclonal antibody nopales map is produced by recombinant
DNA technology in chinese hamster ovary so really that’s how this stuff was made
it’s kind of gross right for reactions in the clinical trial they’re systemic
allergic hypersensitivity reactions reported by 2 percent of subjects in the
placebo group so that’s the group that doesn’t get the get the medication just
a fake one and only 1% of subjects in the group with receiving and call it
this medication that reaction is sounder and safer than the placebo group which
is good mom had a good point if I’m taking medication taken out of Chinese
hamster ovary then I might become a hamster myself is that what you’re
saying yeah my offspring of the hands they’re coming out of a hamster celebre and then I’ll have superpowers and be
really good at climbing and running in circles I got through my first shot just
finished so far oh no you want to double-check mixes yeah how to read feeling okay sir 21st before the holidays okay bye guys
go through my first finish shots waited for now and you know anaphylactic shock
so far that’s good next shot it’s gonna be a month you know
that time I’m in 30 minutes because they’re pretty more sure so perfect time
to get some food getting kind of hungry and kind of queasy some problem is the
quality the show I got today except potentially I could have set of things
of being dizzy or nauseous so I feel dizzy and nauseous quite a bit not
eating the environment it’s really confusing given how much every active
things taking beating during lunch my eyes are reacting avilon this gunky
stuff a really thick spiderweb stuff in my eyes again can’t really get it out now this is a typical day for me so I
don’t even know this has anything to do with the shock so hard to tell

10 thoughts on “First NUCALA (mepolizumab) Injection for Eczema, Allergy, & Asthma Treatment | Ep.117

  1. it's beneficial to check levels of D vitamin in blood. strict diet is recommended by starting to eat only pork, cabbage, and raspberries. then introduce new food gradually, but avoiding 20 major allergens forever (difficult but possible)


  3. How are you doing, Jeffrey? Are you in the Mast Attack group on Facebook? Someone had a suggestion the other day about a product to help with the eye gunk.

  4. Hey Jeffory, I hope your doing well ? It's been 4 months now sense the shots ? How did it go ? Are you getting some realise ? Keep you head up your awesome 👍🏻

  5. I stumbled across your video, I have been on Cyclosporine for 2 1/2 years. 95% of my body is covered in eczema and on top severe allergies, asthma. I caught a form of shingles around that time and a week later a severe skin infection which lead to 12 hospital visits over two months and looked like something from the walking dead. I honestly thought the damage was permanent and there was no way my skin could bounce back. My Derm decided to put me on Cyclosporine and it was a nightmare for the first 3 months, but I stuck with it since I didn't really have an alternative. My skin has been amazing, nausea and drowsiness disappeared after 2 months. Anyway there's a new drug coming out in February called Dupilumab., so my Doctor has decided to keep me on Cyclosporine a little longer. I hope it works! (If you ever want to talk let me know, my friends are sympathetic but don't understand the steps that I have to take everyday for the easiest tasks. It would be nice to compare stories)

  6. Have you ever considered a turbinectomy? Its basically where they cut inside your nose to make it clearer for you to breathe

  7. haha, i thought i may become wonder hamster too but i still cant store food in my cheeks, im on 6 months now and i feel good

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