Fish oil and asthma

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– On today’s Back and Body video, we talk about how expecting mothers can reduce the risk of their
children having asthma. (synthesizer music) Hi, Doctor Dave Perna here, giving you the latest research the New England Journal of
Medicine, December, 2016. They looked at 736 females, pregnant in their third trimester. Half of those people were given 2.4 gram dose of fish oil every day, and the other half, a placebo pill. After pregnancy, they found that the people who were given the fish oil pill had children who were 1/3 less likely to have asthma or persistent wheezing. Please consult with your OBGYN prior to taking any supplements or pills, but this is information
that you may wanna know. For more interesting information about health, wellness, and fitness, please visit us at, or visit our website, and check out or archives page. (synthesizer music)

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