Five tips to a more comfortable allergy season

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Hi, I’m Doctor Marlene Peng. I’m an Allergist
at Minor and James Medical. Welcome to News You Can Use from Swedish.
For this segment, we’re going to talk about ways to control your seasonal allergies.
My first tip would be to be aware of the symptoms of allergies. These would include things like
runny or watery eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion and post nasal drip.
So, my second tip is to learn what you’re allergic to, and this can be done by being
tested by an allergist. Some things that people are commonly allergic to during the spring
season are trees, weeds and grasses. So, tree pollen starts in the early spring. In Washington,
that tends to be in February. And then weed and grass pollen tends to start in May.
The third tip would be to minimize exposures to pollens. This can’t be done completely
as you are outside frequently. However, some common things that can be done are to keep
the windows closed in both your house and your car, and to shower at night to wash all
the pollen off of you before you go to sleep. My fourth tip would be to treat your symptoms
with medications. These would include over the counter antihistamines and eye drops,
as well as medications prescribed by your doctor, such as nasal sprays and anti-inflammatory
pills. Of course, allergy shots are a good option for more long term relief.
My fifth tip would be to treat and control complications of your allergies. These would
include sinus infections and asthma exacerbations. By treating these and by treating your allergies
you will have a more comfortable allergy season. Thanks for watching Swedish’s News You Can
Use. Again, I’m Doctor Marlene Peng, an Allergist at Minor and James Medical.

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