46 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Is Gluten Sensitivity Real? & GF Diets – Separating the Wheat from the Chat

  1. Almost finished the audiobook "How not to Diet", really outstanding and his best book so far (listened to it while commuting on the Audible App). So much new information on circadian rhythm, meal timing, exercise etc

  2. I did two tests from blood for gluten antibodies and both were positive, I have Ms, so is there any point to avoiding gluten or this is pointless… I don't know 🙄

  3. My main symptoms are psychological. When I start eating gluten again after a few days my anxiety and depression increase. It’s very noticeable. I’ve experimented with this so many times because I absolutely HATE eating gluten free. I HATE the restriction, I HATE the awful taste of gluten free substitutes and most of all I miss the amazing taste of bread. But every time I go back to eating it regularly my anxiety and depression start creeping up again like clockwork.

  4. maybe they are allergic to starch since both types of bread are made from a starch. and maybe since crops are rotated annually it is residual chemicals in the soil that is causing the allergy.

  5. Since most all wheat has been hybridized and lots of wheat is speed dried with Round up/glyphosates now, it would be interesting to see how people react to non-hybridized, organic wheat. I didn't realize that I had a problem with wheat until I figured out it was what was causing my skin issues. When I stopped eating (processed) wheat & sugar, skin problems cleared. I have no negative reaction to sprouted wheat berries or wheatgrass.

  6. I think of myself as gluten sensitive, and I do not have celiac disease. My symptoms are severe head itching and hair loss (shedding). I took a food diary after being unable to resolve the issue and after awhile I noted that whenever I was consuming a significant amount of gluten, I would have said symptoms. I can't find any literature that points gluten / wheat to hair loss and itching, but that is what I am experiencing. I lived with those symptoms for about 26 years of my life.

  7. thank you for the info !!! I heard someone say that it is the pesticides that damage the lining of the gut which causes all these allergies and sensitivities not he gluten It is a theory that may be worth looking at !!!

  8. If you want to see why gluten intolerance went rampant since 1992 and why why this disease even exist, view this presentation by plant based Dr. Zach Bush https://youtu.be/HL6OPzQe9Is?t=42 and you'll see that it this disease has nothing to do with wheat or gluten at all.

  9. Lies and more lies. Its shocking how few people acknowledge the truth about the effects of iron fortification of wheat and also spraying glyphosate on the grains.

  10. Also, "gluten-free" processed foods tend to have allergens. To really test gluten sensitivity for a lot of us, you'd have to use a whole food, low histamine diet, and then you could not do double blind. Or maybe you could, with rice or oats with a little wheat mixed in.

  11. Are there any studies comparing the effects of gluten found in Wheat vs. gluten found in other grains such as Rye, or Barley?

  12. If you have wheat allergy but also joint pain when you eat wheat, is this a sign that you also have celiac (as opposed to just gluten sensitivity)? What if gastroenterologist says no sign of celiac but you haven't been eating wheat so therefore there would be no sign of damage caused by wheat?

  13. When I eat any kind of wheat bread product, I get migraines, IBS, major mood swings, problems breathing and joint pain.  I have had these issues since childhood and several years ago I found out quite by accident that wheat flour products were the cause.  (I also have dairy issues).  I did rely on things made with gluten-free flour for a while, but now I try to avoid bread and pasta products altogether and focus on eating whole foods.  I feel so much better when I do.

  14. Do you know that Gliadin (the water-insoluble component of Gluten) increases intestinal permeability in ALL INDIVIDUALS? It was published in “Effect of Gliadin on Permeability of Intestinal Biopsy Explants from Celiac Disease Patients and Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity” study. It say: “This study demonstrates that GLIADIN exposure induces an increase in intestinal permeability in ALL INDIVIDUALS, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease. The results of this study suggest that gluten exposure leads to altered barrier function in both ACD and GS, resulting in an exaggerated increase in intestinal permeability when compared to RCD.”

  15. If I don't eat any gluten for a long period of time and then have wheat once, symptoms are limited, sometimes not there at all. however, if eat gluten good again the next days or so, then my symptoms appear and increase, the more I consume gluten. It's as if there is a sort of accumulation effect. I wonder if anyone has the same effects.

  16. Check out some articles written by a man named Sayer Ji who has covered the theoretical aspects of why wheat-containing products are believed to be very damaging to the body. Aside from the gluten molecules themselves, wheat also contains lectins and particularly WGA, or wheat germ agglutinin which, according to the writings, is arguably more damaging than gluten itself. WGA appears to be a truly evil ingredient in our foods, and wheat is full of it

  17. I find that being “gluten free” makes it easier to reduce/eliminate fats, sugars and dairy, as many wheat products contain high amounts of the others.
    Also opened the door to eating much more wide range of grains and whole foods in general, as previously it was so easy to depend on wheat for lots of products/foods, particularly for quick easy filling, comfort options.

  18. I hope that more of these studies will be done. I'm no expert, but I know I feel better since I cut out gluten 6 weeks ago. My psoriasis also seems to be looking better. I'm going to continue for a while and see what happens. Thanks for the video.

  19. Isn't there some dispute as to whether many wheat sensitivities/allergies are caused by the glyphosate sprayed on the majority of generic wheat as opposed to the wheat itself?

  20. Gluten makes me so sick. I don’t know the details of what the issue is precisely but Im not willing to mess with my head and stomach to figure it out further. I’m just so happy to be healthy again.

  21. Wow this one is great. At first I thought DG was going for the paltry datasets and buying the NCGF kool aid. Considering also the risks of removing it is so obvious and logical, and found NOWHERE else..

  22. Feeding the public bullshit is the best way the Medical – Pharmaceutical – Publishing Empire has found to feed that GREEDy feeling in their own bowels.

  23. The very odd thing for me is that I did not become gluten intolerant until after becoming vegan. I can tell you it is real. I will literally get sick enough to throw up if I eat gluten containing foods.

  24. I never felt any difference eating gluten, however I confirmed via genetic testing "gluten intolerance" from both parents. Also autoimmune Hashimoto and more. So Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity is real. Gluten Ataxia is real as well (brain)…confused with confusing info all over.

  25. Maybe it is not the elimination of gluten but the replacements that help some folks. When I eat less bread I tend to eat more fruit and vegetables and I feel better. I replace noodles with shredded cabbage..etc.

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