Flexineb 2 Portable Equine Nebulizer System Review

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VIVIANE: Hi, I’m Viviane from Marketing, and today I’m reviewing
the Flexineb 2 Portable Equine
Nebulizer System. I currently use this nebulizer
on two horses with inflammatory
airway disease. I really like this product
because they now get their medication in a very
stress-free way, and it really saves me time
and is super easy to use. I had originally tried
a different approach to give them the medication
but the horses really didn’t like it. They would keep shaking their
head around and I would never know if they really got
the medication at the end of the day. When I first introduced
a nebulizer to them, they both made big eyes at
the blue bucket coming towards them, but then I put just a couple
of cookies in there and now they get super excited
when the nebulizer is coming. And then while I give
them the medication, they just have the nebulizer
on and I just can use that time to brush them and tack them up. Once you have worked
with your veterinarian on which medication
is best for your horse, you will order your
Flexineb nebuliser. The two things that you will
need is a syringe and needles to be able to mix
the medication with the saline. The saline already comes
with the nebulizer, so you don’t have
to worry about that. The nebulizer also comes
with distilled water which you will use to clean
the nebulizer. If you are unsure which flow cup
you should be using for your
horse’s medication, you can just check out
the chart on our website. This nebuliser would be
perfect for anyone working together with their
veterinarian to resolve their horses breathing
issues and to find a very effective and efficient way
to give their horse their medication. After every usage
of the nebulizer, you should be cleaning
two parts. One is the cup and the other
one is the soft shell mask. For the medication cup, you can just use the distilled
water that comes with it. You would put distilled
water into the medication cop and then turn it on
for about five to ten seconds so everything
gets cleaned through the whole medication cup. After you clean the medication
cup with distilled water, just make sure it gets
really dry so use a clean towel and make sure there’s
no particles or fabrics that is getting into the
gold mesh. The softer mask was very
easy to clean. You can just use water
or you can also add some dishwasher soap and just clean
it in the sink or wherever you have space in your barn. The best way to store
the nebulizer is to put it in the box that it comes
with and then I for myself keep it in the feed room. Really try to find a place
to keep your nebulizer out of a dusty or dirty area. I have two nebulizers
because I use it on two different horses. They’re both 15 hands
but one has more of a warmblood horse head size
so he has a normal size nebulizer. The other pony has more
of a small Welsh cob head so he has the pony
size nebulizer. And if it doesn’t fit
you can exchange it with SmartPak’s
free return shipping. I’m Viviane, and the Flexineb 2 Portable
Equine Nebulizer System is my preferred method
to administer my horse’s airway medication.

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  1. Very interesting. Glad to see this advance in treatment. Wish I had this for my horse Stripes as it looks like just what he needed. Thank you.

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