Floor Cleaning SECRETS from a Professional Floor Cleaner!

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(logo swishing) (logo hissing) – Welcome to “DIY for Homeowners” by Mother Daughter Projects. I’m Steph.
– I’m Vicki! And today we’re at my
house and you know what? I’m gettin’ my floors cleaned, and I have called in a professional because they are so dirty
that I just lost total control and need someone to
clean them the right way. – [Steph] And done.
(both laugh) The right way and done! So this is Robert Johnson. – Hey, how are you? – Doin’ good, doin’ good. So he’s actually the owner, right, yes! The owner of Silver Lining
Carpet Care and Restoration, and this is a local Tallahassee and surrounding area company, and he does carpet, he
does all of these things, which is nice ’cause you
could read it on his truck, but since we have him here, we thought, we gotta ask some questions, ’cause if you have a professional, you gotta absorb all the information, so can we ask you some stuff? – Absolutely.
– Awesome. Before we ask our questions,
let’s take a quick look at the first job we hired Robert for. There’s nothing in this house because the owners have moved
out and it’s on the market. One sticking point for potential buyers has been the older carpet,
so we wanted to see if cleaning would improve it enough with requiring putting in new carpet. And, spoiler alert, the carpet
looked great afterwards, and we are so pleased,
and that’s we hired him to come to Mom’s house. – So we will ask you a few questions. – Absolutely. – And I wanna ask you the first question, is actually about carpet cleaning. When you cleaned that carpet,
there were some stains on the floor, and you said
probably what has happened with these is they that
kinda set the stain, so would you just tell
people, what is a DIY cleaner that people can use when they
have stains on their carpet. – Sure, I would recommend
Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner with vinegar, never Resolve, just because that flat bristle brush, you end up scrubbing it into the padding, and then once you get it
professionally cleaned, it just wicks back to the surface. – Mm, okay, so I have a
dog and I have a machine called a Petbot that I use
to clean some of those spots, and in it, there’s like
substance that I can buy for it, that I put in the machine,
is that good to use for carpet, do you recommend
something else for pets? – You can, as long as you
extract it all the way. – Okay. – If you leave it damp for
more than six to eight hours, it will possibly sour
and then it will get down into the padding and once that wicks back, that odor’s in the padding
because it acts as a sponge, and it will smell terrible. – Interesting, okay, so the biggest thing is being able to extract
all of the liquid out. – As much moisture as you can. – So when people actually buy carpet, they do recommend,
there’s different levels of the padding underneath. Do you recommend one or the
other or does that matter? – I love the peppy pad. I believe that Home Depot
does offer that as an option. It basically is a barrier
so it doesn’t seep from the top pilings of the carpet all the way to the padding, so
therefore, it doesn’t absorb. – So you think, spend
money on a quality pad underneath the carpet? – I would, absolutely, most definitely. – So it’s the moisture seal
that you put down, okay. Now, I called you in as a professional to clean this tile, and I’ve
had this tile for eight years, and the thing I like about
the tile is the thing that makes it so hard to clean, it’s got a lot of texture to it, and I literally cannot clean it anymore, so I’m getting it done
so maybe once it’s done, I can keep a handle on it. My question is to you, is
renting a machine a viable option to deep clean tile? – You can rent a machine. The different between that, if you’re gonna be using
the water temperature that you’re getting out
of your hot water heater. These vans typically produce,
I believe this one goes up to about 250 degrees. Then after that, you’re looking at around 18 to 19 pounds
per square inch of vacuum, which is what we’re extracting with, and so it’s the same as
conventional mopping, so it’s using the pressure from the truck and around 1,000 to 1,200 PSI, the temperature from the truck, which goes through a head
exchanger, and then the vacuum, so there’s a difference between
what you can buy or rent and then what you can do yourself or just calling a professional
and having it done that way. – So what I’m hearin’ is it’s
really not an efficient way to clean your floors. And the other thing that I
learned since talking with you is, the grout in there is very dirty, and this fact surprised me, this tile has been down eight years, your recommendation is
it needs to be resealed every two years. – [Robert] Two to three years,
depending on the traffic. – [Vicki] So I am way overdue
for sealing that grout. And we will talk about sealing
it, ’cause you did give us some great tips for doing that. – [Steph] So this is not
just a regular truck, this is actually the tool that
you use is inside this truck. – [Robert] Yes, that’s correct. – And so would you say the secret to the professional
version of cleaning is, you said, the heat that you can get? – The heat and also the chemical. You just don’t want to
go in someone’s house without finding exactly
what they’re allergic to, if they have asthma, if
they’re breathing perfumes and it makes them allergic,
if they have any type of upper respiratory
problems, if they’ve got kids. Thinking like that, you
just wanna make sure that you’re not just
going in someone’s house and spraying chemicals
down and cleaning it. There goes more than just that, you wanna make sure that
you’re reading the SDS sheet for any type of cleaning,
whether it be carpet or tile. Yeah, with carpet, it’s typically a hydrogen-based peroxide
detergent, it’s nontoxic, matter of fact, it’s a Green
Seal certified chemical, and so basically, it doesn’t
have any perfumes smells. But it also has optical
brighteners in it as well, so therefore, it does bring
back that pH level back, which is normally a six. A lot of customers ask, when
can we walk on the carpet? They wanna, when can
we walk on the carpet? And I say, typically, you can walk on it as soon as I’m done, as long as it’s bare feet, no socks, no shoes. Typically takes six to eight hours to dry, no outside air, so you
wanna have inside air only. – Oh, no outside air? – ‘Cause we’re cleaning with steam, so you don’t want to add
moisture to the carpet. It’ll pull on the drying time. Just ’cause it’s tile,
the grout is also porous, so will hold moisture in,
so if you have windows open on a nice day like today, it’s
gonna cause it to stay wet for a little bit longer than normal. – I know you did ask us to
turn the air conditioning on and turn the fans on when
you did the other house, so we did that and it
did, the next morning, we went over there and it was dry. – And then the next day you got a offer. – And the day we got an offer! – Yeah, that’s right, yes.
(all laugh) – Now wanted to tell you, if
you’re in the Tallahassee area, that’s where Robert is based,
and he actually does work in the surrounding area. And he has a Facebook page,
and we’ll put a link to that where you can go and sign up,
and he runs a little contest, where for every hundred likes, he will give away one
free carpet cleaning. – The reason we know
this is ’cause I happened to like his page and I was the, how many? – The 400th.
– I was the 400th person. So he will be coming to
my house in a little bit and we will have him cleaning my carpets, and we’ll see how dirty is,
with having a dog. (laughs) – (gasps) I can imagine. – Well, if you have any
more questions for Robert, let us know in the comments below. We will be able to get in contact with him and ask him those and we’ll
be able to answer them in a follow-up video, in other places, wherever we need to, we will do that. So thank you so much.
– Thank you. – And get to work! – Yes, ma’am!
– Yeah, okay! (claps) – Absolutely. (upbeat rock music) – Well, I forgot to tell
my story about Robert. (Robert laughs) – Okay, you have a Robert story. – I have a Robert story! Robert’s had his business
about six months now, right? And I actually saw it on Facebook, where someone I knew on
Facebook was recommending him, so I thought, “Oh, that
sounds really good, “if this guy likes him,
I think I wanna try “usin’ his business.” So we were at the Home Depot and I see his truck.
– Shocker. – (laughs) And I said,
“Steph, that’s that guy “that I want to use to
do the tile cleaning!” I said, “I’m gonna go say hello.” – And I said, “No, no!” – She’s like, “No!” So I’m literally, went up to the truck, tapped on the glass,
and I was so impressed because for one thing,
the truck was all labeled, he’s in a professional shirt, he was on a phone call, he
immediately put his phone down and started to talk with me. And I thought, “You know what? “That’s good business practice.”

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