100 thoughts on “Flower – People Allergy (Sub Eng / Ita + Romaji)

  1. itami itami itami 
    are mo 
    kore mo 
    dore mo  
    gunyari gunyari 
    daremo daremo daremo 
    koko ni
    soko ni 
    doko ni demo aru youna 
    higeki , 
    dorori afurete 
    hito kowakute 
    uwabe dake de no 
    yuujou nara 
    boku ni wa irananai 
    makkana uso de 
    mune ni jittori nijinda 
    itami ga torenakute 
    makka ni hareta 
    kyou mo 
    kizutsukutte shimaun da 
    daremo daremo daremo 
    koko ni 
    soko ni 
    doko ni demo aru youna 
    hito kirai de 
    kedo honto wa 
    yowai dake no boku jishin ga 
    nani yori mo kirai 
    makkana uso de 
    mune ni bettari nijinda
    itami ga torenakute
    makka ni tadareta
    kitsuku tojite
    dareka boku ni jouzuna
    oshiete yo
    kubi no wakka ni sugatte
    me o tsumutte nigetakute
    no sain mo
    okizari ni madoronde
    makkana uso ga
    koko ni pokkari aita
    kizuguchi kakimushitte
    makka ni somatta
    kitsuku tojite
    douka boku ni jouzuna
    oshiete yo 
    itami ga kesenakute

  2. I just noticed the color of the character´s eyes darkens trough the song, does this have any meaning?

  3. Did anyone else notice she blinks mid-song, and that her eyes get darker towards the end of the song?

  4. Tbh at first Kairiki's style of music didn't appeal to me. Im happy its grown on me a little as I like listening to Flower and I like broadening my horizons in terms of music.

  5. thats weird. i first listened to this song…not knowing who the singer was. Now im here and im like OH ITS V FLOWER

  6. I actually thought she had a pony tail there for 2 weeks now that im watching the pv again. i think im blind.

  7. The song seems to be about a suicidal person, Or somebody with depression but is trying to hide it, As she constantly speaks about her pains,and wants 'An easy way to die' by the end of the song. By looking at the images, Various things that help heal you are behind her, as well as a noose on her neck. The things behind her are things like bandages and pills. She may have been using this, trying to heal her pains. But the last line is 'I Can't make my pains go away', Meaning she has tried so hard, but nothing can heal the pain inside of her. There's also a blood bag, So she may have tried to commit suicide but failed, and was hospitalized. The bees probably represent her 'Pains'. The bandage on her arm may mean she was cutting herself, A common start to suicide. She was too scared of humanity, and so nobody could help her, and she may have been able to commit suicide at the end, The part where there's just wind noises and no music may mean she was about to jump off a building. The broken computer may be a sign of how she broke it so she doesn't meet people online. That was a long analyzation i need to finish another day!

  8. i don't understand my voice sounds exactly like this when signing but my classmates tell me i sound bad

  9. why is it that people find out about a song only when juby makes a cover? it really pisses me off. people probably didn't even know Flower was A girl before juby

  10. "I can't see anything, neither this, not that. Everything is distorted into a wobbly blob." Me: I just broke my glasses… What does that say?

  11. So dose anyone the eyes or am I the only one o-o (go to the start then skip almost til the end you can see that there is shading OWO)

  12. (Ah…ah…ah ah ah ah ah)

    itami itami itami togirenakute zukiri zukiri
    are mo kore mo dore mo mirarenakute gunyari gunyari yugandeku

    daremo daremo daremo shinjirenakute hitoriyogari
    koko ni soko ni doko ni demo aru youna higeki dorori afurete
    hito kowakute tojikomotte
    uwabe dake de no yuujou nara boku ni wa irananai nanai nai

    ma-ma-ma-makana uso de waraware uragirare
    mune ni jittori nijinda itami ga torenajute
    ma-ma-ma-makka ni hareta kokoro surikitatte
    kyou mo hitotsu futatsu kizutsukutte shimaun da

    daremo daremo daremo sugarenakute namida porori
    koko ni soko ni doko ni demo aru youna risou shisou motomete

    hito kirai de kedo honto wa
    yowai dake no boku jishin ga nani yori mo kirai kirai rai

    ma-ma-ma-makana uso de kokoro shibaritsukete
    mune ni bettari nijinda itami ga torenakute
    ma-ma-ma-makka ni tadareta kokoro kitsuku tojite
    dareka boku ni jouzuna ikikata oshiete yo

    (kubi no wakka ni sugatte
    me o tsumutte nigetakutte
    tasukete no sain mo okizari ni madoronde)

    ma-ma-ma-makana uso ga kowakute kurushikute
    koko ni pokkari aita kizuguchi kakimushitte
    ma-ma-ma-makka ni somatta kokoro kitsuku tojite
    douka boku ni jouzuna shinikata oshiete yo
    itami ga kesenakute

  13. Ugh there needs to be more songs like this out there. Like seriously can’t we have songs about this stuff other than love songs? They’re everywhere and I feel like people could relate to this more.

  14. here’s how i relate this to being trans if anyone wants to read this all:

    – “My pains, my pains, my pains, they’re coming nonstop. Stinging pains, prickling pains”… honestly the first thing i thought when i saw this line was “basically when you bind for too long lol”

    – “Everything is distorted into a wobbly blob”… i relate this to the times i look into the mirror and everything looks wrong and dysphoria

    -“No one, no one, no one, I can trust no one, my ideas are the only things that matter”… i relate this to the fear of your friends or loved ones being transphobic even when you’ve come out to everyone already, who knows what they say behind your back? how many times they misgender you? it’s a feeling of only knowing that you can trust yourself and being unsure of other’s ideas and opinions

    – “Everywhere I look, there’s a plethora of tragedies of the type one may find here, there, anywhere.”…this reminds me of the stories of harassment, abuse, and murder of transgender people that i see on the news and knowing that it could just as well happen to me. when im at home, when im at school, when im anywhere

    – “Frightened of people, I withdrew into myself.”… its like when im at school i feel like i can’t do anything. i don’t want to move because of dysphoria. i don’t want to talk. i can stay still and silent alone in the library, free from misgendering and the fear that when ppl look at me they see someone im not

    – “If it’s such a superficial friendship, then I have no need for it.”… idk if anyone else can relate but personally as a professional person this reminds me of how seriously i take my relationships, but im surrounded by ppl who arent serious at all

    //The lyrics that continue are self explanatory//

    – “No one, no one, no one, there’s no one I can cling on to. My tears are rolling down my cheeks.”… this line reminds me of the pain of not having friends or family who support you or understand you and just wanting someone… anyone… but everyone at school/work just wants something superficial

    – “As I desperately search for the kind of ideals and ideas one may find here, there, anywhere.”… i relate to this in how i look for people who are educated on trans people and how to respect me, but nobody like that except myself exists. only i am like that. but at the same time i (sometimes) hate myself for different reasons i hate others

    – “I hate people. But in truth, the one I hate the most is my own self and my weakness.”… this connects to the point above

    – then the rest of the lyrics go on about finding an easy way to live because life is hard, but suicide is hard too. especially when the wrong name will be on your gravestone

    ////idk if anyone read that, but if ur a trans person who is suicidal or if u want to hurt yourself, please know it DOES get better and if you need help i suggest a hotline, the website 7cupsoftea, a therapist, and im also here for any of u if u need help coping/advice/support! being trans is difficult, but it’s also a beautiful thing

  15. Can I just say I REALLY LOVE this song?! It's flowersome X3

    I thought Flower was allergic to flowers :'D ok I'll stop

  16. This makes me think of a girl with a serious medical condition who has grown to hate people because everyone patronises her/pities her/ only talks to her because they feel bad, and shes become tired of the lies and withdrawn from society, causing her to suffer alone in emotional and physical pain, finally thinking that being dead would be easier than her current situation.

  17. in the unlikely event that theres another artist struggling with what the objects in the background are,
    from left to right:
    -iv bag
    -pill packet
    -powder inhaler
    -heartbeat monitor? you could just draw a generic computer lookin thing and be fine
    -oxygen mask

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