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Today I’d like to share
some information with you about the flu. The flu, short for influenza,
is a very common virus during the winter season,
and it’s highly contagious. Now is the time to think
about this year’s flu season. Why? Because early fall, before
the flu season starts, is the best time
to get the vaccine. Health care providers give
the flu vaccine as a shot or as a spray in the nose. Vaccinating yourself
and your children helps to prevent the flu. When your family
gets the vaccine, it can even protect others who
could get very sick if they get the flu, like older
adults, people who have asthma, diabetes, or other illnesses. Some people who get
sick with the flu get pneumonia and other problems
that need care in the hospital. And sometimes, the flu
can cause people to die, even if they were healthy
when they got the flu. There are some people who think
that the flu vaccine can cause the flu, but they’re wrong. I want to assure you that the
flu vaccine is extremely safe and can not cause the flu. It’s possible to experience
mild side effects from the flu vaccine. Symptoms like soreness
where the shot was given, a runny nose, or mild
muscle aches, may happen. This will last just a few days. Protect your family. Schedule an appointment for
a flu vaccine at your Nemours office today.

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