Flyp Travel Nebulizer Unboxing Review [Portable Rechargeable] Discount Code

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hi I’m Chris O’Gwynn with
and today I’m going to tell you about the FLYP nebulizer it is the smallest
coolest fastest nebulizer that I have ever seen so I’m really excited to share
it with you come on into my office here and I’ll tell you all about it we’re
right here in Robertsdale Alabama southern part of Alabama so thankfully
it’s a little cold outside but definitely it feels a lot warmer in here
so this is going to be a pretty short video but we’re going to go into some
great detail about the nebulizer so step one over here to my desk and I’ll show you all about it, they spell it
really strange it’s flyp right here you can see the box this is literally the
whole deal so one of the coolest things about this nebulizer is that no longer
do you have to worry about the little plastic nebulizer kit and the nebulizer
tubing and the machine that you got to plug in the wall this nebulizer is 100%
rechargeable and everything is contained right here in this little box so once
you receive it through shipping you open up your little box here and you got a
nice little information packet here and this my friend is the actual nebulizer
machine right here let me just take it out of this little packaging that they
put it in that’s it right there and of course you’re going to need a
recharging cable and that comes with it right here and a neat little bag if you
want to keep it into a little cloth bag so this is everything that you need
right here to operate the flip nebulizer so if you’re doing breathing treatments
let’s say you you have asthma or COPD and you’re doing that albuterol
treatments this is your machine right here now this one I’ve already taken the
liberty of actually opening it up and charging it up for the first time and
there are very simple ways of doing it you just plug it in to the side of the
machine plug it into the wall and it’s going to charge up now check this out
this is the actual mouthpiece right here and whenever you’re ready to use
after your medicine is in place you just press the on button right there you get
the little blue light and I don’t know if you can tell but it is actually
running right now I cannot even hear it myself it’s so quiet now the way that
this one works is it actually comes in contact with the medicine through
vibrations and it has a mesh material inside that vibrates so fast it
literally is vibrating faster than a than a humming bird flaps its wings humming bird flaps its wings very very
fast as you know I don’t have you ever seen the slow motion videos of that but
it is pretty fascinating so imagine something going 2,000 times faster than
the hummingbird so notice on the back of the flyp nebulizer right here you just
have this little compartment that you would flip open like so and here is the
compartment where the actual liquid medicine would go so if you’re ready to
do a treatment you would just open up this little compartment here put your
nebulizer medication into there snap the lid back shut place it here where it
goes shut the compartment now your medication
is in there at this point you can just flip this piece up here turn it on right
here and this is actually the mouthpiece right here so you would seal your lips
around the mouthpiece and just breathe in and out through the medicine flip
nebulizer just like you would any other type of nebulizer and now another thing
about this one that I really like a lot is that it can do a breathing treatment
faster does a breathing treatment in an approximately on average seven minutes
so if you’re used to the old time we’re talking pretty much half of the time
that it would take to do the nebulizer so you’re gonna save a lot of time um
obviously this is all that that you need if I had a shirt pocket I would put it
in my shirt pocket but you can keep that into your pocket ladies this would fit
real nicely into your purse for traveling purposes and
you can get several several breathing treatments out of one charging of the
battery so it’s all very effective and meet prices not bad has a warranty with
it all of the information is on the page where where you are right now and you
can check it out so is the Flint nebulizer it’s getting great reviews
it’s a good price it’s $199 and so please give us a call if you have
questions about the Flyp nebulizer we will be happy to answer any
questions that you might have so hope you have a great day
thanks for watching

2 thoughts on “Flyp Travel Nebulizer Unboxing Review [Portable Rechargeable] Discount Code

  1. We are loving this little Flyp nebulizer. It's perfect for travel and fits easily into your pocket! Its literally smaller than a smart phone, and lighter weight as well!!

  2. I would love to try one. My nebulizer is way to big and the mouth piece cut the corners of my mouth. It also takes a long time to get it ready to use and I need to use it immediately.

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