Food Allergies and Dating – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

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We met through a mutual friend at school. Well we were reading the same book, and we liked the
same kind of movies, so we just started hanging out. I thought he was really tall and that he had a nice smile. I let him know exactly what I was allergic to and… …I’m not really shy about it, I’m pretty open. Everyone
at school already knows that I have allergies. I remember I went to shake her hand that day, then later
on she told me about the allergies, and I was concerned. I didn’t know if I had nuts that
day or not. But I didn’t. He tends to worry a lot. The first time I went over for our date, she said
I have to train you on using this EpiPen. Well I think it’s important that he knows how
to use it, and where I keep it… …just in case we’re ever out together and in case anything ever happens. She pulls it out and it looks like a pen,
like a thicker pen or something. I’m asking her about it and she says “yeah, when you push it
down, a needle comes out.” and I’m like “A needle? So pretty much you’re asking me to stab you on our first date.” I got this okay, it’s just, you just, you just BAM! You just hmmmm, well, let me just show you. It’s just, it’s just, BAM! I thought maybe he might be a little
intimidated by it, but he was great. He might have messed up a couple times, but he got it eventually. So you just take it off, and just bam. It’s for her safety so. Caution, allergy warning. When we’re making something to eat, when we’re cooking anything, in the
beginning it’s a little bit tough to get used to. May contain fish, but that’s just may contain right? I can’t have “may contain”. Once you figure out what kind of foods, and
how to read the ingredient labels, it’s simple. And for the record, he’s a way better cook than me. How is it? Pretty good. Umm because this doesn’t really look cooked to me. It’s just a little crunchy, it’s okay. I can’t believe you’re eating that. It tastes good! How was your first kiss. Okay. How was our first kiss? I don’t know. Oh, it was magical! Kissing is embarrassing to talk about I guess, but I definitely just
say make sure that the person that you’re seeing, if it’s possible for them just to avoid eating things that you’re allergic to. That’s probably the best way to minimize the risk,
but you can always brush your teeth… …or little things to prepare for the big moment. For someone who doesn’t have allergies, I can see that it’s a big
deal and it’s important, and I’m glad that she told me. I don’t think she needs to be embarrassed at all to tell
me, and she wasn’t embarrassed to tell me about her allergies. Because in the end, it’s all for her safety. When you’re beginning a new relationship, it’s not
always easy to talk about your allergies… …but it’s something that you have to do right from the start. Remember communication is key. Be up front and honest about your allergies with your boyfriend or girlfriend
and be patient with them as they might not get it right away. Help them learn about the things you do to stay safe every
day like always carrying your auto-injector and reading food labels. Teach them how to use your auto-injector so they
can help you if you need them. Letting your friends know about your allergies and what they can do
to support you is an important part of any relationship. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your allergies. It’s part of who you
are, and your true friends will accept you no matter what.

3 thoughts on “Food Allergies and Dating – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

  1. Thank you….my son is only 10, but it gives me hope that he will find someone someday who will not only understand but help protect him. I wish the USA had PSAs like this!! Go Canada!!

  2. Great video! I'm 16 and found my girlfriend 10 months ago. We both have celiac disease and have the same allergies so we don't have to worry about much when we are together. I never thought I would find someone who would understand my allergies, but 10 months later here I am happier than ever to have someone who understands. Just thought I'd share that to let everyone know there's someone out there for everybody and you never know when you will find them no matter what age you are:)

  3. Overall, I really like this video but I found that it does contain a little misinformation. Just brushing is not enough to eliminate the allergens.

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