Food Allergies and High School – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

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Good morning Syd! Good morning dad. Did you do all of your homework last night? Yes dad. Well this morning I was in a rush and I forgot my
EpiPen so I had to go back to get it. I always have to make sure that every single morning
when I leave my house I always have it… …because I have to be safe at school. I can’t eat anything if I don’t have my
EpiPen and that’s kind of the rule… …and It really sucks if I’m watching my
friends eat and I know I can’t… …so it’s always a rule for me. Always bring
my EpiPen when I leave the house. What did you guys do last weekend? I played some tennis with my friends, what about you? I stayed up all weekend long studying for this math test, it was brutal! Me too, it was so hard. Wait wait wait, Mr. Griffin’s math test? Yes, Mr. Griffin’s math test, it was so hard. I know, it’s ridiculous. Yo guys what’s up? Hey! Yo why didn’t you guys come to Casey’s party on the weekend? Studying, math test. No way, ah you guys should have came, it was so good. Yo! you have to try some of my muffins, they’re awesome, they’re so good. You bake? Let me try one. Do they have nuts in them? Yeah, why does it matter? Because she’s allergic to nuts. That blows! No way! No it’s not too bad, if I check out the ingredients
I can eat whatever I want. It’s pretty good. Okay that’s cool, well how does it taste? They’re great. Shut up man, they’re better than that cake you made last Sunday. Don’t even start! Hey do you want to sit down and have lunch with us? I always have to make sure I’m safe, and
err on the side of caution. Because when I go out into the world, it’s not any
one else’s problem to make sure that I’m safe. I have to be responsible for myself and my own safety. It never makes me embarrassed, it’s just something about me.
I have allergies, it doesn’t define who I am. Starting high school is an exciting time, but it also has its challenges. So what can you do to make this a good experience? First off, don’t be embarrassed to tell people about your allergies. Give your teachers an updated anaphylaxis emergency plan
at the start of each school year… …and review it with them. Talk to cafeteria staff to find out what’s safe to eat. If you’re ever unsure about an ingredient or cross-contamination, don’t risk it. Most importantly, tell your friends and classmates. Don’t forget the basics. Always carry your auto-injector everywhere you go, and show
your friends and teachers how to use it. Wear your MedicAlert I.D. and always read ingredient
labels and don’t share food with others. Being safe at school is manageable as long as
you take the right precautions and are prepared.

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