Food Allergies at School: Your Responsibility as a Parent

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So let’s say it’s the first day of school
and you learn that your child has a classmate that has food allergies. What
is your responsibility towards that child? First of all as a parent you need
to learn that food allergies can be serious. They can lead to serious
reactions and they can be life-threatening. What you can do is talk
to the teacher and talk to that child’s parent. They are the ones who are experts
about their child and they’re able they’re gonna be able to give you all
the details that you need to know when it comes to bringing treats to school or
bringing birthday treats. When it’s your turn to bring snacks to school make sure
that you read the labels very carefully and also be aware that most supermarkets
have allergy friendly areas that have plenty of snacks that you can choose
from. When it comes to your child I think you can use this as a great opportunity
to teach them a few things. First, medical diagnoses are real and are not to be
toyed with. And second, it’s a great chance to show your children compassion,
to teach them to stop bullying if they feel, if they see that other children are
making fun of this child because they’re food allergic and to befriend that child
and be kind, extend a helping hand I think the most important thing to
remember is that it takes a village to raise a child, and take this child’s
safety as seriously as you would want other people to take your own child’s

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