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Hey, I am Adam Hart bestselling author of The Power of Food, Dad of 2, and nutrition expert. In the last video in the series I showed that 99% of the bacon found at your local grocery store have nitrites. This is also true with most luncheon meats, hot dogs and sausages. Now, lots of us avoid nitrites because they can morph into nitrosamines that have been known to cause cancer, but many people are also allergic to nitrates. In fact, did you know that one in 13 Canadians has a food allergy? And many people are sensitive to artificial additives and preservatives but don’t even know it. Symptoms of a food or chemical allergy can include hives, skin rash, swelling of the face and tongue, dizziness, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, blurred vision, confusion and headaches. 15 years ago Mclean Meats was the first company to create preservative free and allergy friendly deli meats, and today these standards still hold true. Mclean takes food allergies very seriously. Download this free pocket guide as a quick reference of the most commonly used additives, allergens and preservatives to avoid when shopping.

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