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Health watch a food intolerance can
cause minor and annoying reactions but a food allergy can be deadly Fox Two’s Kim
Hudson talks to a SLUCare allergist about the symptoms you need to know in
ways you can save a life SLUCare allergist Dr. Mark Dykewicz says
if fish, eggs, milk, soy, or anything causes nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, welts,
and even shortness of breath you may have a food allergy it can cause drop in blood pressure and the thing that can cause fatal reactions
of among others is the closing up of the throat where the airway is actually
obstructed and somebody can’t breathe well enough to continue living Dr. Dykewicz says you have to act fast there are several types of devices that can be
used to inject epinephrine *To Inject place black end against outer thigh,* *then press firmly and hold in place for five seconds* Some these days even coach the child or the adult through it he warns parents to stay prepared but it would not be appropriate to think oh my gosh if I just wait for the child to grow up that the food
allergies are going to go away because that may not happen but checking labels
asking questions at restaurants and making meals at home can be life-saving
on the HealthWatch I’m Kim Hudson

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