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What your baby is eating right now can
help avoid a food allergy from developing. The latest research has shown that introducing small amounts of common allergens into your baby’s food may be
able to protect them from developing a future food allergy. As a parent of a
child with a laundry list of food allergies I can tell you just how
difficult frustrating and stressful it is to manage 24 hours a day. Now I have
the greatest news I’m so excited to tell you that you may be able to prevent food
allergies from even forming in your infant. Due to a landmark clinical trial
called LEAP, we have learned that early and consistent exposure to peanuts could
prevent a peanut allergy from even forming in your child. Due to this
landmark clinical study a whole new wave of companies have formed they are each
designing products that provide you with safe practical and easy ways to expose
your child to common food allergens with the hope of preventing food allergies
from even forming. In this video I’m going to talk to you about three
different companies Hello, Peanut!, inspired Start and SpoonfulOne each of them takes a slightly different approach in terms of providing
you with different opportunities to incorporate common allergens into your
baby’s diet. Stay tuned to learn more to figure out which might be the right
match for you. One company tackles peanut allergies head-on Hello, Peanut a product
line was formulated as a way to gradually introduce peanuts to your
infant’s diet. this product line was created by an allergist searching for a
way to not only treat allergies but to actually prevent food allergies the
introduction system consists of packets of organic peanut and sprouted oat
blends the powder is mixed into baby’s food every day and gradually introduces
an increased amount of peanut over the course of seven days. It is then
recommended to use maintenance packets up to three times a week, until a child
can eat a peanut in spread or whole form Each packet is formulated with oat to
improve the peanut blending into baby’s food simultaneously neutralizing
the peanut flavor the peanut blend is made from USDA certified organic peanuts
and does not include any additional additives. What I love about the next two
companies SpoonfulOne and Inspired Start is that both of them try to tackle
the most common food allergens even beyond peanuts.
Stay tuned, keep watching because you’re going to want to learn more. SpoonfulOne
introduces the foods responsible for about 90% of food allergies through a
supplemental powder that is mixed into your baby’s food. A Stanford pediatrician
and mother of five has been helping families cope with difficult food
allergies for years and became inspired to take a more proactive approach to
common food allergies by designing SpoonfulOne. This product can be started
as young as four to six months old or when a child first starts eating solid
food. SpoonfulOne is a powder blend of gentle servings of each food protein
less than one gram in total. These foods include, wheat, shellfish, peanuts, soy milk, tree nuts, fish and eggs. Use daily you simply have to open a single surf packet
and pour the powder into prepared cereal fruit purees or whatever you may be
giving to your baby. The powder is made with zero preservatives or artificial
dyes sweeteners or flavors. SpoonfulOne provides consumers with a
subscription-based model to create a simple way to incorporate the powder in
your daily routine for the long-term. Inspired start uses food pouches to
introduce eight common allergens starting as early as four months of age
or once a baby transitions to solid food there are two packages provided each
package contains two pouches of four different recipes one package introduces
peanut egg tree nuts and soy with two pouches for each ingredient another
introduction package includes wheat sesame shrimp and Cod again each
ingredient has two pouches to begin exposing your child to common food
allergens once you have introduced each of these
foods you can order the variety pack to use in your baby’s regular diet all of
the pouches combine organic fruits to create a pleasing taste note that milk
is not included in any of the inspired start pouches the products highlighted
in this video are not intended for children who already have a food allergy
these products should not be used to diagnose a particular food allergy this
video does not contain medical advice and is only for information purposes you
should always seek the advice of your qualified health provider I am sure
there are a lot of questions out there so stay tuned for a follow-up video you
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