Food Allergies – Symptoms, Testing, eliminate foods, Adrenal fatigue from low cortisol

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Nick: Hello! We’re going to talk about some
important issues regarding bioidentical hormones. I’m Dr. Nick Delgado. I’m with Dr. Michael
Grossman, MD with BodyLogic, a practitioner and expert in hormonal replacement. Dr. Grossman, address food compatibility or
sensitivity or allergies. Can a person be tired from eating certain foods? And if so,
do you use a food challenge test to help them to detox and find out what they are compatible
with? Michael: I would say for people who are feeling
tired and fatigued, it’s really critical to look at certain different issues in your life.
You want to look at your hormone issue, very important. You want to look at your thyroid,
very important, but a big area is going to be the foods you eat. If you go on a detox
program where you’re eating certain protein powders, usually rice-based, when you’re eating
a very simple plant-based diet for ten days or two weeks — Nick: Vegetables and brown rice and say a
protein that’s gluten-free, dairy-free, all rich in fruits and vegetables, but a protein
rice-based, not an animal-based protein. Michael: Right. You do that for ten days or
two weeks and you will have cleared out all of the allergens or the sensitivities of the
food and you may feel much, much better. In general, the foods that you crave that you
really need to eat every day are probably the ones your body is sensitive to. Alcoholics
and heroin addicts crave the foods that they’re allergic to. They love the alcohol and they
love their heroin and if we take it away, they feel terrible for four days, five days,
and then they feel much better, same thing with people with food allergies. If you — Nick: Whether it’d be gluten or dairy or anything
that they’re highly sensitive to — Michael: Right. Whatever they’re craving,
sugar, white sugar, cane sugar, whatever they’re sensitive to, they’re probably craving it
and they feel like they need to eat it every day. So if you go without it for two weeks,
you have five days to detox and then you have five to seven days of feeling, “Wow, I feel
really good. My body aches are gone. My headaches are gone. My stomach aches are gone. My brain
is clearer.” All kinds of pains — Nick: My joints are better, less pain in the
joints and inflammation. Michael: Right. Nick: So by doing so, then a person can gradually
add back one food at a time, document that for about five days at a period, three to
five days, and know what their best list is that they should be consuming. Michael: Yeah. I would encourage them to work
with a practitioner who does this to guide them through that process. Nick: And there are tests to monitor white
blood cell exposure and damage to white blood cells. Michael: Adding back the foods is the critical
part. The easy part is the ten days. You just do it and you struggle the first five. You
feel better and great the last five, but then you’ve got to have the next part, which is
a little more tricky, what foods to add in and how often and when and which ones are
bothering you, but at least you know at the end of the ten days, wow, I could feel so
good by changing my diet. Nick: So case in point, they’re on this clean
diet of brown rice and vegetables and it’s been said if you eat fruit, you cook fruit
because the protein in fruit might have an antigen that someone is allergic to, and then
gradually find out which fruit, add the fruit that’s fresh and raw, and then go ahead and
add the gluten bread, wheat and by itself, not a pizza with cheese because you don�t
know if it’s the cheese or the wheat. Add the bread only and see the response. Do they
get headaches? Do they get digestive issues? Do they get achy joints? And then one by one,
add the foods and build a whole program for that person. Michael: Right. It changes your life when
you do that. Nick: Now, could that person who has food
sensitivities and allergies also have poor adrenal function and inability to produce
cortisol and they overact and produce too much adrenaline? Michael: The issue with the adrenal glands
and creating adrenaline or cortisol is various. Some people make too much when they’re under
stress and that may happen for some weeks or months and then they start making too little.
So when it’s real chronic, we find that they make too little. And when they’re making too
little, they can feel extremely tired. They feel very easily emotionally upset. Nick: Hypocortisolemia, which was once coined,
and everything thinks it’s usually due to high cortisol, but generally speaking, people
have adrenal burnout and they can’t produce enough cortisol. Michael: Right, and it’s easily treated through
a variety of interventions where we can supplement them with some herbs and/or bioidentical cortisol
and then they feel a lot better, but still the issue is what else are they doing in their
life that created this in the first place? They’ve got to make some changes there. Nick: Can they get to sleep earlier at night
and get a quality eight-hour sleep? Can they get out in the daylight and then make it real
dark at night that changes between cortisol and melatonin? Will those things help? [0:05:01] Michael: Sleep is critical to normal cortisol
functioning. There’s a whole 24-hour biological clock and if you’re not sleeping good, you’re
going to upset that biological clock and one of the issues is going to be the cortisol
levels. Certain people just say, “I’m not a morning person. I feel terrible in the morning.”
A sign of health is feeling great in the morning. You wake up, “Ah, start the day! I feel great!
Well, what’s going to happen today?” You should wake up feeling good. You shouldn’t wake up
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