Food Allergies: Top 5 Facts You Should Know

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the major difference I would say between
a food allergy and food intolerance is a food intolerance is going to be a little
bit milder in nature so maybe some GI discomfort maybe constipation diarrhea
whereas a food allergy can be much more intense you know up to anaphylactic shock so it could be respiratory distress swelling of the airways that kind of
thing so there are eight most common food allergies they happen to be milk
eggs peanuts tree nuts soy wheat seafood and fish if you are the parents of a
young child the first-time parent let’s say and there’s a history of food
allergies the new guidelines particularly research done with peanuts
it shows that if you can introduce the food under the guidance of your
pediatrician or an allergist within four to six months of childhood you could
actually resolve that food allergy earlier in life or at least develop a
tolerance to the food into adulthood. If you want to know if a food allergy has
resolved into adulthood you want to under the guidance of your physician do
a food challenge and basically it’s taking a small portion of that food that
you’re allergic to and testing to see if your symptoms or your signs and your
symptoms are mild or severe from there you can gauge if you’ve developed a
tolerance to that food you were once allergic to so if you are allergic to a
food you want to take certain measures to make sure that you can avoid that
food you know there is no cure for a food allergy there’s only preventative
measures we can take so you want to read your food labels you want to become
familiar maybe visit a dietitian so you can learn how to do so you want a meal
prep without cross contaminating with the allergic food when you go out to
restaurants tell your server I’m allergic to this you know please let the
chef know in the back make sure that everyone knows that you are allergic to
a food

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