Food allergies & Vegetarian at Disneyland Paris *where and what can you eat* Dairy Nuts Fish Allergy

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Hey guys! Do you suffer from food
allergies such as dairy or gluten? In this Disneyland Paris video we are going to show you
where you can eat, what you will eat and how to prepare to make it all happen. We’re here at Captain Jack’s restaurant in Disneyland Paris and we are here because we wanted to
know if they have a special menu for when you have allergies. And the good
news is: they have! Ask at the desk at your restaurant if they have a folder like this
and now we’re very curious what the menu looks like so let’s have a look. This
menu has been specially prepared for over 16 different kinds of allergies
will name them for you peanuts celery shellfish fenugreek gluten milk
Lupin mollusks mustard nuts egg yellow pea fish sesame soy and sulfites. All
table service, buffet and counter service restaurants use this same menu.
Unfortunately not every restaurant has got a different menu for you so for
example what does Captain Jack’s got to offer for dinner? As a starter you have
tomatoes and corn or a Mediterranean soup as the main course you can have
sauteed chicken city with white sauce and beef cottage pie with carrot mash or
a chicken Kanawa as a dessert you can have caramelized apples apple delights
or a fruit salad with mints this is what your dish will look like it’s a sample
oh and a little date they even tried to put the mickey shape in there to keep it
cute you know so if you ever and the rest of your company doesn’t you
still can come with them to his new restaurant now what about your breakfast
if you need the special menu because of your allergies you have to let the
manager know that you need them because the items are not on a regular breakfast
available so they have to get especially for you so our advice is that when you
book your hotel or when you check in your hotel you immediately immediately
let them people at the reception know that you have an energy and that you
want to book the breakfast but that you need to have the special menu there what
about you super era subscribe to our Channel yes Cafe de la Bleu say it’s
open so we’re going to get our favorite colorful couple why didn’t I ever know
the name of those things so we’re going to get our favorites another sandwich I
couldn’t wait well something like this it won’t focus but as lettuce in it and
some some sour cream kind of dressing and of
course falafel are you vegetarian looking for a vegetarian dish
why not going to Cafe de cascade air they’ve got a vegetarian burger for
$12.99 and I can tell you it’s not the same burger that you get in the normal
counter server restaurant this one is a different from taste maybe because it’s
made with love okay now let’s take a look at a counter service restaurants
such as Casey’s corner what happens when we ask for the energy menu according to
the regular brochure you should be able to get the special energy menu at any
counter service restaurant in the cement Paris but instead we got yet another
option an allergy list of all the regular sold items at Casey’s corner and
it’s very clear which allergies are in which meal
in the giant classic hotdogs they are gluten and there are milk products and
our milk products as well and nothing there left so let’s see if you have a
gluten intolerance you can get fries yogurt something you can have ice cream
and rates we just saw the menu for you of allergies here in Casey’s corner I’m
not really enthusiastic about it what do you think well it’s the basic stuff and
it only gives you an update of what’s in there on the list it was their normal
menu yeah and what you can’t happen what you
cannot have so I’m not really a few assessing about it and I’m not really
sure about cross-contamination and that doesn’t seem that
if for instance you are even in Torrance and
and also midazolam that you think okay can take this option and that it’s cross
mix in the kitchen so I think there could be a little bit more for when you
when you want to buy something here at the counter service I’m very curious
about the table service and who pays yet we are here at restaurant the Stars and
I would like to show you guys what you can have so this is the booklet that I
got it’s all in French by the way so to cover a lot of things these are
full desserts banana bread this here is the salad bar chicken wings
aren’t agent free this one is gluten-free isn’t
this one is the hand is in freeze these vegetables not free I miss also some items here on
this list because it said that the ratatouille is gluten-free but I don’t
see any letter to e here on the roof a vegetarian vegetable quiche never
happened before pretty good not suitable for when you have a milk allergy what
you can have it’s also the ham you can have and you can also have sauteed
chicken the time that we were in this length Paris and we asked for the
special menu we got this list and nobody ever said to us hey we also have a
special menu with a special starter main course and dessert maybe that’s an
option for you however we never asked specifically for
the manager and in the brochure it says you have to ask for the manager and ask
for this special menu now that I have your attention subscribe to our Channel
the vegetarian burger we already digged in we are in DC studios in a big
restaurant what’s the name the name and I can tell you it tastes very good and
that’s because they make it fresh they don’t have a non-stop like they used to
that make 20m nervous keep him warm these are
made fresh two mortars nice and warm ultimate burger fries ice cream and
drinks are 10 euros in total and we’ve got some mozzarella sticks that’s your
other station that’s 3 euros extra portion of four if you have a gluten
allergy why not try a Planet Hollywood they have
a special menu gluten-free menu and we’re gonna check it out Planet Hollywood has got a big variety
of all kind of dishes so mostly it’s American food but you can get all kinds
of dishes three pages worth of gluten-free dishes we’re at the Nets diner and on the menu
it states that they they’re not guaranteed cross-contamination with
allergens like gluten they also don’t have a special free or lactose free menu
if you’re vegetarian and you’re looking for a vegetarian dish here at Annette’s
diner they sell the soya burger and this is what it looks like this a vegetarian
burger looks so meaty it’s really strange
we are somebody here later and he told us that it is in fact the soya burger
but in Sydney colors with so that’s why it’s red so we can eat it extra cute
area so we’re fine very curious about this burger because I have many
vegetarian burger in fairness can you remember that this one ever in my life
so let’s try it vegetarian hamburger I thought that it
was really good I thought it was the best vegetarian hamburger I had in my
entire nice new experience yes ever so yes absolutely a big number one but the
price it’s a bit steep eighteen ninety-nine
yes on the top of my head with but you got fries and coleslaw with it this is a
very nice thing to have just to treat yourself on something you may be
expensive but delicious this concludes our episodes for a special diet needs
dishes here in Disneyland Paris we truly hope that this video will help you out
when you are planning your Disneyland vacation if it did please leave a thumbs
up at this video we highly appreciate it also when you have experiences with
special dishes here in this land Paris please leave it in the comments down
below so you can help our other viewers who might have questions about it and
maybe next time we’ll see you who can help us get out of its mace I
should be driving please don’t let us down help us get our subscribers
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24 thoughts on “Food allergies & Vegetarian at Disneyland Paris *where and what can you eat* Dairy Nuts Fish Allergy

  1. Great vlog im gluten and dairy free but when i go i eat off the main menu and get them to adapt it to me as those ready meals dont taste good. I wish dlp were like wdw and dl for how the cater for food alergies hopefully one day

  2. I went to disneyland paris about 9 years ago as a pescatarian (vegetarian who also eats fish) child with my grandparents and my younger brother and it was really difficult to find food as most places had one option (if you where lucky) and it was some fancy adult dish that a child wouldn't enjoy. It's great to see that disneyland paris has improved since when i was a child when i remember having to pick off ham from a pizza.

  3. Dank je voor deze filmpje ik ben ook al langer Vegetarische en ik eet niet meer vlees ik ben ook ermee gestopt van deze filmpje wordt ik wel blij van want als ik weer daar ga dan weet ik tenminste wat ik daar kan eten 👍

  4. My spouse can’t eat gluten so we had a tough time when we went. I don’t feel DLP makes it easy for you if you have allergies. We ended up just risking it and ordering things like burgers without a bun (which clearly is something no one asks for because both times we did the people taking our order were very confused about it). We also only ate quick service, so it may be better with buffets and sit down restaurants. Also while the fries at Casey’s may be gluten free they aren’t at other restaurants because a cast member at Hyperion Cafe specifically told us that their fries were not gf, and my spouse ate a few of my fries at Au Chalet de la Marrionette and they said they felt ill afterwards. The one meal my spouse had off the special menu they said it was incredibly bland and didn’t enjoy eating it at all which is why they switched to the regular menu. I think it’s also good for people with food restrictions to know there are microwaves in various places so you could also bring your own food.

  5. You can get a four cheese pizza in Colonel Hathi's and Bella Notte which is vegetarian and Captain Jack's has a vegetable curry, which is also vegetarian

  6. Great video!My wife has many allergies and I'm vegetarian, so we do have some experience with this. She tried one of the allergy free meals and was very disappointed. It was a pre-prepared frozen meal that was simply heated up in a microwave oven.
    The practice of giving you the allergy book so you can choose from the main menu is what happens at Walt Disney World. Once you make it known you have an allergy, a manager takes your order, supervises it being cooked and assembled and brings it out to you.
    Your videos are awesome. We have just found your channel and are watching a couple of vlogs a night 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  7. Absolutely dreadful GF food at Planet Hollywood. When I complained, I was told it wasn't very good because I'd chosen from the GF menu 😲!!! Don't waste your money people! !!!!

  8. Thanks so much for doing this video. I recently ended up getting some allergies and was afraid of what I would be able to eat. Also is the booklet only in french or is there an English version too?

  9. Duidelijke uitleg! In november mag ik weer en heb een notenallergie. Als kind nooit echt moeite mee gehad in DLP omdat ik dan frietjes en een hotdog kreeg. Nu mijn broertje en ik gaan als volwassenen wordt het toch een buffet of table service. Misschien see ik you guys in Mainstreet in november 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this video!!!! My daughter has a peanut allergy. Disney World in Florida is amazing with allergies, but I wasn’t sure how Paris would be. We are traveling there in July, so this is very helpful. ❤️

  11. I always see lot of gluten free option, even gluten free menu but not lactose free menu, it's so difficult find things without milk or lactose. Anyway Thanks for your videos, they're really well done

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