Food Allergies

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(upbeat music) – Food allergy is in many ways a mystery. It’s a reaction of the immune
system and the nervous system to something that the
system’s deemed to be noxious about the food, and it’s very mysterious why the body would have
such a violent reaction to something so essential as food. The big problem, big
picture of food allergy is to understand what is
it that’s triggering it, and why the response
becomes so exaggerated in some people, but not
in the majority of people, where normal defenses still operate but they don’t go into
this pathological mode. What we’re learning now is that
there is a very interesting, important interactions
between the immune system and the nervous system. In order to be able to develop rational approaches to prevention,
diagnosing, and therapy, we really need to understand
what the underlying biology is. And the goal was to
bring together scientists from different disciplines
in order take advantage of our growing knowledge
of the immune system, but also of new and powerful technologies, such as single-cell
sequencing, or imaging, and other technologies. And to really apply them
to what we consider to be currently the rate-limiting step in developing the science of food allergy. Through this basic research,
we can find new mechanisms and they link to new possible targets that can be interrogated and tested.

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