Food Allergy Heartache | My Sister Was Killed by a Buttermilk Chicken Burger

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me and Shahida actually had a really
close bond like we were the closest like in our family we just had the inside jokes
you know she’s my little sister and after my dad passed away we got even
closer I grew more protective and you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t have
done for her and I would have given him up my life
for her if I could and so she either Shahida actually struggled with allergies since
like early on when she was a little kid
three years ago my little sister Shahida Shahid
she went to Almost Famous restaurant with friends and she was fed mistakenly
a burger which contained allergies and subsequently she passed away as a result
of anaphylactic shock we lost our joy in our lives because Shahida was that obviously at the time we were just thinking about Shahida’s health
and then in terms of you know her life was in the balance so you weren’t
even thinking of what was actually happened until after she tragically
passed away and then obviously we all wanted accountability and police were
already in investigations it was really basically simple for us to see
that Shahida went to that restaurant she got fed the burger with allergies when
she shouldn’t have and it could have been preventing numerous times and she
died as a consequence of it I hope they understand from a high level filtered down
to all the ground stuff that are working like how life-threatening it really is
for someone to have allergy sufferance not everyone is obviously going to have the
strongest reaction but it’s still harmful I’ve had a nephew in that time so he’s
been like a joy back into our lives again me personally as well I ran the
Great Manchester run that was in Shahida’s name and I raised a lot of money
for Allergy UK so that was the start of getting to deal with Shahida’s death we
had to wait three years for the inquest coming and we sought the best help possible
Slater and Gordon have been very sympathetic with our situation have a
lot of empathy towards what we’ve been through and our wait for three years
just for the inquest itself they grew passionate about wanting to get justice

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