Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance | Stomach Problems

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So, a lot of times, people get confused between
food allergies and food intolerances, but they’re two very different entities. A food allergy, is a clear allergy. That means, if we take some food that we are
allergic to, we can get anaphylaxis or hives or we can have our throat closing up, that’s
a true allergy. Now food intolerances, just mean that we don’t
tolerate the food, so we have more of a digestive system reaction. So, we may have some nausea, we may have some
pain, may have some indigestion when we consume those foods, but we don’t actually have a
real allergic reaction, where we need to worry about a life threatening reaction.

9 thoughts on “Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance | Stomach Problems

  1. um,this is my actual problem, most of the time when I eat, I start to feel pain in the tummy and a strong sensation of nauseous. The video is exelent,but I need more information,about my disease in particular. In a first moment I thought it was a psychological thing, but maybe, I have intolerance to some foods?

  2. So a slow progressive reaction that causes inflammation in your digestive system isn't life threatening in terms of immediate threat of death?? This is why so many people continue to ignore the food intolerance they experience that contribute and progress into disease.

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