Food and Your Health: Cholesterol

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– [Narrator] It may surprise you to know that cholesterol itself isn’t bad. In fact, cholesterol is just
one of the many substances created and used by our
bodies to keep us healthy. So, what is cholesterol exactly
and where does it come from? Cholesterol is a soft,
fat-like substance found in the bloodstream and
in all your body’s cells. Your body makes all the
cholesterol it needs. Low-density lipoprotein,
LDL or bad cholesterol, can join with fats and
other substances to build up in the inner walls of your arteries. The arteries can become
clogged and narrow, and blood flow is reduced. High-density lipoprotein, HDL or good, carries harmful cholesterol
away from the arteries, and helps protect you from
heart attack and stroke. It’s important to know
what your levels are, and the healthy ranges. There are some key tips
for success to help keep your cholesterol levels in check. Try eating a diet rich in
fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products,
poultry, fish, and nuts, while reducing red meat and
sugar foods and beverages. Try getting more active. Enjoy three to four days of
moderate to vigorous activity in 40-minute sessions to
help lower LDL cholesterol. Finally, always remember to
talk with your own medical provider to discuss the best
plan of action for your health.

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